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Mark49LEVEL 72

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This song has a very special meaning to me.
When I was a small child we were very poor. How we stayed alive I don't know.
We didn't have any of the family values we watched on tv. That's probably why we watched them. Just to see how happy they could be.
No pity party please. We only had a couple of albums and the US Male album was one of them.
It was my chance to escape all the ungroovy things going on all around me. I learned to love the way Elvis sang He was a shining light in a dark world.
I Will always be connected to the "King", in that way....

It was recorded in January 1968 and followed the kind of country music Presley had already recorded in September 1967 with songs like "Big Boss Man" and "Guitar Man". Presley recorded these three songs accompanied by Reed on lead guitar. It paved the way for Presley's famous '68 Comeback Special, filmed in June 1968 and broadcast on NBC on December 3, 1968. Reed's version appears on his debut album, The Unbelievable Guitar and Voice of Jerry Reed.


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Michael57LEVEL 86

Comment by Michael57GOLD

Hello Mark,
Nice to meet you on this musical journey! Super sing from you on this rocking track. A real toe-tapper!!

diditomicLEVEL 103

Comment by diditomicGOLD

Nice going on this song....dont know this Elvis song but you sure owned it! Very groovy performance

sulaimanbadrusLEVEL 71

Comment by sulaimanbadrusGOLD

Hi Mark.....Been awhile...Nice to see you on this journey !!Awesome sing here mf!!
Enjoyed your version!!


ChezzabLEVEL 51

Comment by ChezzabGOLD

So nice to be on this JOURNEY with you and on the same team AWESOME. This is a NEW song for and I have LOVED my listen very much.
An OUTSTANDING PERFORMANCE in showings us the connection you have with the KING.

sicireLEVEL 77

Comment by sicireGOLD

Wise men speak because they have something to say, fools because they have to say something. PLATO

Hi Mark...LOVE me some Elvis...had to come and listen. Well..so GLAD I did...this was excellent. You got that Elvis rhythm down...and makes me wanna dance...My Life in music came alive when Elvis came on the scene in 1956 and I heard him for the first time when I was 12ish....Whoa talk about coming to LIFE!! Great entry. Have a great Journey....nice to have you aboard the Dance train.

FinnPeterLEVEL 106

Comment by FinnPeterGOLD

Sing it Mark - Clapping!
I sure enjoyed my listen - Smooth vocals for sure!
WTG on this great Elvis song - Bravo!
Great job Buddy Cool stoey to boot!
Good Luck - - Cheers, Peter

lazarus57LEVEL 69

Comment by lazarus57PATRON

Hey Mark a great choice here. A wonderful story about this song. A super vocal performance with a smooth delivery. I enjoyed my listen. Great sing here teammate.


Comment by APHGOLD

XXsmurfetteXXLEVEL 100

Comment by XXsmurfetteXXGOLD


Mark you sound amazing here hun

Loved reading your words too hugs Karan xxx

JohnnySilvaLEVEL 81

Comment by JohnnySilvaGOLD

Hello Mark Awesome sing rocking this for sure sounding wonderful amazing
vocals superb performance on this lively song

prezleyLEVEL 84

Comment by prezleyGOLD

Great song choice Mark....and lordy, you own this!!! ******** I think the early hardships as a child can strengthen us, make us a bit appreciative of what we have now.... I sure like this excellent song and singing!!! great job!!!!

happyseniorLEVEL 68

Comment by happyseniorGOLD

What a very nice introduction of who you are and where you have been in your write up. Yes, Elvis is the King and you have chosen a man who is revered by many. Enjoy your take on this sing and your narration is spot on. Thanks!

Armybrat60LEVEL 59

Comment by Armybrat60GOLD +4

As a Mailman Mark, Your Story Grab at My heart Strings, Man I have something in Common with you, we didn't have Much , But we didn't know we didn't, You sing with Your Heart MF


Comment by daddybearGOLD

xx-angelseyes-xxLEVEL 94

Comment by xx-angelseyes-xxGOLD

Hi Mark here listening to ya now

xx-angelseyes-xxLEVEL 94

Comment by xx-angelseyes-xxGOLD

I can tell you are having fun singing this

Wonderful Performance!!

Hugs Dunja

RibbonLEVEL 101

Comment by RibbonGOLD +3


MillenniaLEVEL 97

Comment by MillenniaPATRON

God bless us all in these times of trials! Stay safe n well folks xoxo <3

Hiya Mark, I also love Elvis AWESOME sing m/f love it! Hit the button! God bless n stay safe

LorrieonlineLEVEL 59

Comment by LorrieonlineGOLD

Singing supercharges the endorphins - those "feel good" chemicals so great for healing!

What a fun performance, Mark!! Love your Elvis rendition.
I remember sitting on the carpet in front of my grandma's
television when the three o'clock movie was on, and a lot
of times it was an old Elvis movie. Fun stuff. Love this!!!


Dave1970LEVEL 66

Comment by Dave1970GOLD

#17 on the LIB . Hey my friend. Always good to bump into you again. I've been delivering US mail for the last 24 yrs. . Enjoyed your playful rendition of this new song for me. Good show sir.