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15 Minutes


The Yeah Yous




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TeggaLEVEL 3

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It was fun being a hero and famous for 15 minutes, I may be back for more than 15 minutes, and though I wasn't in it from the start or got the chance to be as involved as I would like, I enjoyed the short time that I was in it.

I'm happy with a fix of fame,
when I've had my fill,
I get my life back,
They tell me it's a dirty game,
But I'll play until,
I get my life back.

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Comment by hnogirlGOLD

woah another song for me that totally blew me away Martin!

wow, how do you do it, the videos, the perfect timing and gorgeous vocals?

you got it going on


Comment by hnogirlGOLD

I really love this song, thank you


Comment by -Mandy-

The Yeah Yous... think they're gonna be a one hit wonder maybe...

Shame, cos this was a rather catchy tune. I liked this Martin... very good as always


Comment by MoxieMainiac68

Tegga this is awesome!!! Love your voice!!! So glad you choined us!!! especially on our side!! LOL! hope to see in another my friend!!

DeeDee2LEVEL 33

Comment by DeeDee2

This is a great tune......So glad you joined our team too!! Very nice addition
Love your voice and hope to hear more in the future!!!
See ya next time*
DeeDee (Sarah Connor)

sweetalohaLEVEL 5

Comment by sweetaloha

I've never heard this song before, but I like it... Fantastic job on this one, Martin! :)))

SteelwitchLEVEL 14

Comment by SteelwitchGOLD

Go Goodies!!! Martin...this is awesome!! You had BETTER be back in 15 minutes!! Don't try to hide! We know where you are now!! We'll come after you if we have to!!

Deb.....aka Buffy

GreenflowerLEVEL 4

Comment by Greenflower

imikimi - Customize Your World!

Wonderful song for the final!!! You have a great voice!!!

Was a pleasure to meet you in this contest and can't wait for the next one!!!

I am sure will have more 15 minutes in the journey that will begin soon!!!

Hugs, Lara Croft (Flory)


Comment by Kat

I love this song! Great to hear someone do it on here. This song really suits you, fantastic vocals too, really enjoyed this

TeddypossumLEVEL 43

Comment by TeddypossumGOLD

So glad you got to join in (better late than never) you have one great voice & it has been a pleasure to get to hear you perform. You are a natural!

southernguy2_1LEVEL 8

Comment by southernguy2_1

I'm glad that you got to be a part of this with all of us. I think this is your very best song yet!!! Hope you'll get to join us again.

DeepsouthdreamerLEVEL 8

Comment by Deepsouthdreamer

I love this song....Never heard it before but it's a very addictive beat! You will be missed!

SimplyChandyLEVEL 4

Comment by SimplyChandy

Tegga, your 15mins of fame were Superb!!! It was great to have you, I certainly hope you come back and join us in the next one. Your voice is fantastic!


babydollgoddessLEVEL 44

Comment by babydollgoddess

Fantastic sing! *applauds* It's been wonderful having you join the contest! You've really "brought it" every round, and I've enjoyed listening to you! I hope we get to see you in the holiday contest!

MandyLEVEL 23

Comment by MandyGOLD

I've seriously got to stop listening to Absolute Radio so much, cos I'm so behind on the modern songs..I hear them at karaoke before I hear them on the radio! LOL

Right catchy little number this is Martin..and you were a superstar to me a lot longer ago than 15 minutes

Loved this!

ragtime108LEVEL 82

Comment by ragtime108GOLD +2

Very professional sounding vocal on interesting upbeat tune - all star performance!

lilithrazorLEVEL 2

Comment by lilithrazor

Oh yeah this is awesome sounding absolutly fantastic here:) ive loved getting the chance to listen to your sings in this contest and altho you came in late on its been an absolute pleasure getting to know you through your sings you are an absolutly amazing singer and i hope i get to hear more from you in the Holiday contest

MsTakeLEVEL 82

Comment by MsTakeGOLD

Take time to connect...

Hey, very impressive. Nice work, dude. ***** Love the added video too. Keep up the awesome work.

-WhiteLily-LEVEL 2

Comment by -WhiteLily-

well i think you did a wonderful job here, * smiles* loved my listen!!!

throwing out some stars to you!!!

have a wonderful day!

- Lily