You Ain'T Seen Nothing Yet by HumbleMuerto

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HumbleMuerto 14



You Ain'T Seen Nothing Yet


Bachman-Turner Overdrive










HumbleMuertoLEVEL 14

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Haven´t been here for a looo-oo-oong time. I´m just trying to wake my inner beast with this old great funny song. It´s in Finnish this time. The words are much better in Finnish. I saved the first rough and bloody take like in a true just go with the flow karaoke way. Unfortunately I Just had to read the words all the way. But it´s still...well very honest and...creepy.

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SugarBearsLEVEL 52

Comment by SugarBears

With a very big smile on my face ...You are like a child that has a a large energy that has been stored up for a long time in your soul .....and you are now releasing that energy and letting it all out and I love it ..not only are you releasing all of this energy but your doing it in your natural language ..which makes this even better ..................I can not explain how much I love you being freaky lol

SugarBearsLEVEL 52

Comment by SugarBears

I am going on my third listen and I just wanted to say I have missed this wild finish friend very much and so happy I caught you here today....You are sensational and power packed today

SugarBearsLEVEL 52

Comment by SugarBears

Sometimes in the video I feel I am watching a prize fighter ....boxing forceing that energy out that has been stored inside of you (big smile ) ....You are AMAZING and wild at the same time
Love love love what you did with this song
Hugs Lynn ****I can not begin to explain how much fun it was for me to see and hear you again ...Your so special Marko do not realize the feeling that came out of you in this song

Annu78LEVEL 10

Comment by Annu78

Hahaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa xD
jep, todellakin 3 min muna xD
Ei mut hemmetti... täytyy väistää et se siun 3 min muna ei osu miuun

Kunnon rokkiversio moisesta veisusta sie se ossaat !!!!!!

All my stars ********************************** whops, few too many NOT!!! xD lolz..

Missing you hun!!!!!!!!!! :`(

annekLEVEL 45

Comment by annek

Voi että kun kuulostat hyvältä kun laulat Suomeksi..

Siis tää oli niin hyvä!!

Sun pitää laulaa lisää;)!!


EllamaaLEVEL 15

Comment by Ellamaa

:DD WAU!!!! :D Jiihaaaaaa!

EllamaaLEVEL 15

Comment by Ellamaa

Tää on kyllä paras suomiveto mitä oon sulta kuullut! Ja hauska nähtä sut "elävänä" , sanalla sanoen todellakin ELÄVÄNÄ Mahtavuutta!! *******************************************