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DrsWoodardLEVEL 105

Comment by DrsWoodardGOLD +9

WHAT I DID FOR LOVE / JOSH GORBAN watchandlisten/play/b79a89849

Happy Monday Night My Friend Beautiful Music is flowing out of your studio
What a nice performance of this song you've recorded. Just so glad that you shared it
I've enjoyed my visit and will punch that I LIB on the way out*********Starzz!

Madd Love

WenaleeLEVEL 29

Comment by Wenalee

Great vocals. This is such a difficult song! You nailed it from the first note. Hitting LIB on my way out

Outnumbered321LEVEL 85

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Outnumbered321LEVEL 85

Comment by Outnumbered321GOLD +2

Lovin' this right off the bat....

Outnumbered321LEVEL 85

Comment by Outnumbered321GOLD +2

What a wonderful voice you have!
Something told me to click on glad I did!

Outnumbered321LEVEL 85

Comment by Outnumbered321GOLD +2

You've left me no alternative but to flag you young lady!
Awesome awesome sing...

DejaHereLEVEL 57

Comment by DejaHereGOLD

You sang another song by Aguilera some time back. Was this the song? As popular as she is, I haven't heard many of her solo songs except those she sang in the movie Burlesque. But, it was a long time after before I even new she was she.
Anyway, I love what I've heard by Christina. But, just now, I really enjoying listening to you. I mean I really, really, really enjoyed it. In fact, you are the only one I've ever heard sing it...I think.
I might have said Aguilera's music should not be sung by anyone else. Dah...why? I have said that to you in the past when you decided to take some Lady did not listen (of course) and you killed. And once again, you have killed.
I have heard enough of Aquilera's voice to have expectations of what a song will be like, but I did not look for her sound while you were singing. I heard the style ... from the artist I am much more familiar with....that would be..and actually is you.

I don't know why I said all that just to get to my point..or my response...I totally enjoyed it. Further, I heard a hit playing. If you'd recorded it first...well, I mean it! You got it!!!