Break Down Here by Novella

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Break Down Here


Julie Roberts




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IRLovableLEVEL 21

Comment by IRLovableGOLD

Front row.... :0)

IRLovableLEVEL 21

Comment by IRLovableGOLD

Love this song soooo much!!! You sang it like you lived it!! Outstanding job!!!! Stars coming your way from Ohio!!!

-Tamera-LEVEL 36

Comment by -Tamera-SNAP-STAR

Have always loved this tune...Great job girlie..Loved it *****

sundolleLEVEL 5

Comment by sundolleGOLD

Never heard of this before

sundolleLEVEL 5

Comment by sundolleGOLD

This is a great song

sundolleLEVEL 5

Comment by sundolleGOLD

damn I miss not hearing you sing, gonna have to drop by here more often

sundolleLEVEL 5

Comment by sundolleGOLD

Fantastic sweetie!! the story this is telling...

sundolleLEVEL 5

Comment by sundolleGOLD

It wasnt down hill, fantastic job xoxoxo

danjgLEVEL 12

Comment by danjgGOLD

Fantastic as always. Do I here the Voice calling?

kayleeLEVEL 6

Comment by kayleeGOLD

Good Evening Novella~~You'er Doing A Fantastic Job ~~
Excellent Performance On This Song~I Enjoyed My Listen

country_dazLEVEL 4

Comment by country_daz

hiya smiler i dont even knoe the artist let alone the song lol

love how you control the power in your vocal awesome sing


Comment by MelodyEWV

WUS UP girl! Been a couple years since I got to grace your presence! But just like I remember, you sound FANTASTIC! I keep thinking "when am I gonna see her on the voice" LOL for real girl.....since all these reality shows came out, I sometimes wonder if I will one day see one you great ones on sing snap!

Looking and sounding like a million bucks! Soooo happy to see you again!

Can't get on here and sing real bummer.....but I can get on here at work and listen to all my favs! Wooo Hoooo! and I will be doing that from now on. I sure have missed you guys!

SingingRainbowLEVEL 66

Comment by SingingRainbowVOLUNTEER-VIP 4

RND#3 IS UP ladies!! Come and sing your hearts out! <3

Hey there Shan!!
Love this song!! You sounded wonderful on this girl
Love the power and emotion in your voice !!!
Loved it ********************************
Have a wonderful day gf!!

ksweetlips1LEVEL 2

Comment by ksweetlips1

great singing here my friend :)*********************an outstanding performance here

ksweetlips1LEVEL 2

Comment by ksweetlips1

JulesLEVEL 60

Comment by JulesSNAP-STAR 1

Telling a woman to calm down works about as well as trying to baptize a cat

You may sound sick when you talk, but you sound beautiful when you sing. But then again, WHEN DON'T YOU???!!! Hehe! Fabulous darling!

Tamara4296LEVEL 3

Comment by Tamara4296

FANTASTIC !!!!! Singing and song....Have you ever thought of going on the VOICE????You Have a Beautiful sound going on here. smiles Really enjoyed my listen.


Comment by TanGOLD

woman, you have an amazing voice. you really should be on the radio as you have such a distinctive sound and your own style. i do sincerely mean that just so you know.


Comment by TanGOLD

and it was not downhill...just saying

no excuses.



Haha... I love this song...