You're The First, The Last, My Everything by TonyfromLuton

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You're The First, The Last, My Everyt...


Barry White




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TonyfromLutonLEVEL 69

Recording information by TonyfromLutonGOLD

Never being a Ballroom dancer of any real ability...I would have to plump for Disco Dancing...In particular to what we call in the UK...Northern Soul !...Just get your body on that dance floor and do your own thing...shake it, twist it, wiggle it, rap it, just move to the tempo...strut your that girl that you are the one, you are alive !!
The great soul music of the 70's is one of my favourite musical era's !
I defy anyone not to be aroused to this one...
Hope you like it !

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happyseniorLEVEL 67

Comment by happyseniorGOLD

My hips hurt after the first few beats of this song as I try to keep up with the beat, but I am sure those dancers are getting it on. Love your intro before you are lost in this very upbeat rendition. Whew! I am on a ride and having a hard time holding on! But I will make it! Thanks for sharing.

donnica59LEVEL 99

Comment by donnica59GOLD

I always laugh about how many babies were started with one of Barry records on the turntable!
probably would rival Elvis or Sinatra!
Great choice Tony
super performance
Thanks for the Music!

Michael57LEVEL 85

Comment by Michael57GOLD

Super sing on this great tune from the master of the sexy song!

Proud2bhungarianLEVEL 42

Comment by Proud2bhungarian

Love it!.. awesome song choice n sing:)

DansolmanLEVEL 59

Comment by DansolmanGOLD

Great sing Tony....Kinda wild, but a great song....
God Bless==Ken

Songbird35LEVEL 62

Comment by Songbird35GOLD

Great intro, big build up, and then your break into song, sounds really good, loved dancing to this one in the day, not sure I could keep up with it nowadays, but fun trying eh?

SonyaKayLEVEL 78

Comment by SonyaKayGOLD

Oh yeah! You are in the zone. WOW! Sing it! This is a constant smile maker. Loved this to bits. You are just rocking everything. . Awesome!!! . xo


Comment by daddybearGOLD

sicireLEVEL 76

Comment by sicireGOLD +1

Why you old Wild thing you...LOL! I remember this at a slower tempo....maybe. and then this one really comes to mind during the Disco era...which was never my scene...being up to my bell bottoms in diapers and housework at the time..... Might have danced around the kitchen with this on the radio, truth be told....loved YOUR version, Tony!! I can see the psychedelic fringed outfits of the dancers whirling in the Mall now....Good Job!!

MillenniaLEVEL 97

Comment by MillenniaPATRON

Hiya Tony! WOOOHOOOO! AWESOME sing m/d/f love it! Hit the button! God bless n stay safe

dearsomeoneLEVEL 100

Comment by dearsomeoneGOLD

This is it , Tony !!!!! let's dance !!!! first dance, last....whatever ..... keep dancing !!!
Fantastic performance !!!!!


Comment by APHGOLD

One of those special songs, so very good to see you have taken it on Tony and given us a good lively rendition to enjoy.No problem dancing to this in what ever way we choose,the trick being is how the dance helps to tell the story. Another very enjoyable listen my friend,well done.
Take care

Mark49LEVEL 70

Comment by Mark49GOLD

Barry had a vocal that melted the gals.
I only know a Few of his tunes.
This is one.
You sure gave us a stylish rendition
Much Enjoyed

rockafrybabyLEVEL 95

Comment by rockafrybabyGOLD

Very excellent sing and song choice! I love disco dancing!

Teacup10LEVEL 73

Comment by Teacup10GOLD

You definitely put the life into this song! I really loved hearing you sing this tonight. The quality of this presentation is absolutely spell binding.

Alie58LEVEL 60

Comment by Alie58GOLD

great song and sing Tony.... dancing and singing with you teammie….
loooved it!!!
huggss and smiless Alie

Archer400LEVEL 73

Comment by Archer400GOLD

Hi Tony!
You sure you didn't sing that one on stage somewhere!
That was awesome!
Loved this!
Thanks for sharing!


RockingTommy1950LEVEL 108

Comment by RockingTommy1950GOLD +1

Hi Tony, this is a great song, your rendition is spot on matey, soooo much energy, very enjoyable>>>>>Tommy

shirerifLEVEL 98

Comment by shirerifGOLD

You are an enterainer's entertainer Tony. Every song you bring us is worth hearing over and over again. A perfect studio production, my friend. I loved this from you. WTG


SonyaKayLEVEL 78

Comment by SonyaKayGOLD

Wooooohoooo. You got me going for sure with this today. Wow! You have gotten very bold and a strong take charge attitude. I am loving it, personally. You are intensifying. What you want me to do? LOL. I am mezmerized. Gotta go now. Getting a fever.