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Anak (English Version)


Freddie Aguilar




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Don't Change Your Mind cos You Must Love Me with Just One Look

And Spring arose after the snow and rain
Awakening the flowers from their wintry rest
Then from the furrow shoots the grains
Attracting the bugs and birds to nest

Thank you Irene for this upload...had to change the pitch to high.

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WaterbirdLEVEL 102

Comment by WaterbirdPATRON

When I Think Of You ... watchandlisten/play/c5af0e5b1

AH~~~ Lovely Poem....
Really enjoyed this new song for me.....
This was really lovely Tiny....
Thank you so much for the introduction....
What a wonderful song and sing.....
Have a Blessed Week Ahead…
Hugs and Many Blessings…..
~~~ waterbird~~~

nightsongsLEVEL 99

Comment by nightsongsGOLD

hello dear Tiny,
I loved your Spring poem.
lovely expression of transition.
this is a beautiful song
filled with expression and
you sang it so beautifully.
loved my listen
hugsss and blessings

-TinaLEVEL 108

Comment by -TinaSPECIAL-EVENTS

Thanks For Joining Us !!! Tina & Jodi

ragtime108LEVEL 99

Comment by ragtime108GOLD +2 +2

Beautiful fab sing of this great Anak song! ...

cuddsLEVEL 89

Comment by cuddsGOLD +1 +1

Stay safe and have a wonderful weekend God bless hugs Irene

Good morning Tiny
Your singing sounded lovely
I hope you have a safe and wonderful Friday
I have enjoyed listening very much
Sending stars*************************
God bless


Comment by A_TxCowboyGOLD +3

Hello Tiny
Sounding mighty fine down Texas way this morning my friend
I enjoyed my listen
Hope your enjoying your day

-Eeyore-LEVEL 111

Comment by -Eeyore-GOLD

Nice poem, and great sing.

amor14344LEVEL 102

Comment by amor14344GOLD

Hello my dear sweet friend Tiny
Listening here..............

amor14344LEVEL 102

Comment by amor14344GOLD

Lovely poem my dear.

amor14344LEVEL 102

Comment by amor14344GOLD

This song was famed by our very own Freddie Aguilar.
It has a lot of version and earned a lot of awards.

amor14344LEVEL 102

Comment by amor14344GOLD

You did it very beautifully.
Love it...

amor14344LEVEL 102

Comment by amor14344GOLD

Hit the 6th LIB for you.
Have a lovely day ahead
God bless.
Big hugs


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TennpokeLEVEL 63

Comment by TennpokeGOLD

Sounding so fine


KellyAnne4PeaceLEVEL 109

Comment by KellyAnne4PeacePATRON

Beautiful poem, too!!

wranglerLEVEL 92

Comment by wranglerGOLD +3 +4

great singing on this song tiny, i sure did enjoy your great singing. 5*********************************s hugs DON

Heywood-MonkeysLEVEL 85

Comment by Heywood-Monkeys

Hi Tiny......never heard this before, what a great way to start spring.....beautiful sing xx

Bear50LEVEL 97

Comment by Bear50GOLD

My DODGERS are going to the WORLD SERIES GO DODGERS & my COWBOYS are on ESPN now GO COWBOYS*lol*

this is AWESOME and we are LOVING our Listen..

( sorry I still must Copy and Paste My Right Shoulder is in sling for 4-8 weeks since Arthroscopic Surgery on Valentine's Morning. Doing PT twice a Week won't be able to use Shoulder for quite sometime, PT Is going good)


Comment by Lady-UpclosePATRON +2

....MS TINA TURNER...aww..cya next Snappers! XXOO

Goodevening sweet sis Tiny
aww..I’m back at Ur studio..for Ur
latest new song, which is new to me,
& so is the artist


Comment by Lady-UpclosePATRON +2

....MS TINA TURNER...aww..cya next Snappers! XXOO

& You are singing this song, BEAUTIFULLY!
It so relaxing for me, right I will soon head off
to la la land! hehehe


Comment by Lady-UpclosePATRON +2

....MS TINA TURNER...aww..cya next Snappers! XXOO

Thanks for the introduction to this Wonderful sing & song!
& I hope to cya at my studios soon, girly huggies & GBU & Urs