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Wise men speak because they have something to say, fools because they have to say something. PLATO

My Idea of True Friendship is TRUE LOVE....something meant to be...HEAVEN SENT. And if GOD is LOVE...Then it is not far-fetched to think of all people who come into our path who give us Hope, Joy, Laughter, FRIENDSHIP.... or some pleasant association, a gift from GOD.

When this song first came to my attention, I sang it on SingSnap...because I thought I had met someone who would be that "special someone" for my I sang it often that first year...and he sang it a few times as well...(Yes, I met him on Sing Snap)...Well, it's been 10 years ago now ...and we are still FRIENDS...not the "one and only" I thought we might become...but I STILL FEEL that he was "Heaven Sent" to me to help me through some difficult situations...and we still are FRIENDS, although we live miles apart.

And I got to thinking, during a search for a song this often a person comes into your life...when you need them...whether they stay or go...are there for a Day, a Week, a Year...or forever. They are people we meet, whom we will always remember...and some have helped us....or have helped us to learn about being a FRIEND. WE ALL have lessons to learn and our "friends" teach us more than we realize.

There ARE no "accidents" when FRIENDS meet each other for the FIRST TIME..."SOMEONE" had a hand in it, long before we ever knew.....

So Hello, again...all my special WOTW Friends...

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