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Frank Sinatra




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JohnTexasLEVEL 76

Comment by JohnTexasGOLD

Daily Song Just Because r/c88ec1149

GM Bob
LOL listening and loving this, great way to start my listen, Wow Brother you brought it, front row and all, what a great performance hi Vicki lol wow this was perfect right on vocals, great to see both of you on cam, have a great day


Comment by skytexasGOLD

First somg over coffee. Nice spending it with you. Great singing.

RockingTommy1950LEVEL 109

Comment by RockingTommy1950SNAP-STAR

Brilliant Bob wow FS would love this and I can see you are enjoying it. and with a little help from Vicki who snuck into the frame.....lol, Loved it my friend>>>>Tommy

kareblbltLEVEL 86

Comment by kareblbltGOLD

That was Beautiful!! Awesome singing! I enjoyed it!!!!! Merry Christmas HUGS KAREN #4


Comment by RJR201NJGOLD

Bob...this is magnificent...I think one of your best. I hope Vicki puts a spell on you. LOL
This is FAN-TAS-TIC!


Comment by RJR201NJGOLD

that put a smile on my face.

shirerifLEVEL 100

Comment by shirerifGOLD +3

Another video? Fantastic! Great to see sis too. She's a little shy me thinks. WoW what a wonderful song choice and sing Bro. It's already on my BPL. I love the song and especially what you did with it. Perfect vocals, as always. Just couldn't be better. I'm reaching for your " " it button.

jeanieLEVEL 30

Comment by jeanie


bluenotesingerLEVEL 62

Comment by bluenotesingerGOLD

Wow...what a masterful performance, Bob......perfect flowing tune from you and could not have been done any better by old Blue Eyes! You make it look so easy...of course having the help and support that you did, I am sure that made it easier. I loved every note of this fantastic performance...


Comment by villalad

I'm starting my listens right here today..just cos I can hehe

Hope you're both well, *listening in*


Comment by villalad

This is getting two listens, so bare with me I love it btw


Comment by villalad

Aww bless Vicki, she's so shy, aww.

Well Bob that was superb, you are a total natural on cam
Your tone is brilliant, I love the relaxed laid back style and the words just flow and do whatever you want them too, that's how talented you are!!

Wonderful phrasing, delightful song - I am not overly familiar with it but have heard it before - and awww Vicki may well photo bomb you I am sure - you sing like a pro, and i'll be first in the line to buy this CD too!! There's a real classyness in your sing, in the song and the whole performance is fun, it's infectious and once again, you show your super showmanship and charm which is one part of your appeal. The main part though is *that* voice of yours and you sing this so well that I am gonna have to make a playlist today just so I can put it on

Have a great day both,


lloyd_63LEVEL 58

Comment by lloyd_63GOLD

You have such a great tone, a relaxed and confident demeanor, and an enjoyable- to-listen-to voice! You're a superb entertainer, Bob! Always a pleasure to watch and listen to ya!

raddoc888LEVEL 76

Comment by raddoc888GOLD

Happy Thanksgiving Friends !!! Wishing you blessings of Peace, Health, Wealth & Happiness !!!

Oh what fun you two must have in your retirement !!!! The joy is palpable....love it..and oh what a crooner you are Bob.....so cool with your renditions....stellar as ever...enjoyed it very much...please say hi to Vicki !!!


Comment by Draymax +1

Hi Bob (and hidden Vicki)
I have such a small window of opportunity to listen to some tunes and I am so glad that I clicked on your song. Not only am I treated to a great sing, there is also the very rare video performance. You have such natural charisma when you are just singing, and when you are on cam, that charisma is magnified a hundred fold. We caught you Vicki!!!! This made my day and I am so very glad I caught this!!!!
Cheers to you both

alanajLEVEL 35

Comment by alanajGOLD

Great crooning here! Loved it!

scarletwitch36LEVEL 98

Comment by scarletwitch36GOLD +2

Hi Bob and if Vicki is a witch then she's Glenda a lovely witch. This was marvelous a grand sing from you. Great to see you again. A fabulous sing


Comment by Music_Lover_1934GOLD

Oh.. oh.... you are in trouble now Bob...

I am lovin' listening and watching you sing this great Sinatra tune...

Oh yeahhhhhhhhhhhhh..... you aced it my friend!!!

There she is..... a great appearance!!!

Merry Christmas to you both!!


joybeaulieuLEVEL 97

Comment by joybeaulieuGOLD

What a lovely smile you have Bob. Waving at Vicky on the couch. Loving this sing from you. So√Ľnding spectacular! So wonderful to be able to spend some time each morning with both of you...you both are very special to me. & hugs. Jo

YoullRememberMeLEVEL 61

Comment by YoullRememberMeGOLD

Natural charisma Bob! (Where you been?) Wonderful, smooth sing, evocative, as I can see it unfold!

There's that patented laugh - in action- no M.I.A, lol! lol! I think it was a sneak preview, rather than cameo, in the background.

Super video, Bob! You're hired! (says Donald trump) I know everyone loves it. Great overall production.