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Noch in 100.000 Jahren


DJ Ötzi




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"Noch in 100.000 Jahren"
by Dieter Günter Bohlen (* 7 February 1954, Berne, Lower Saxony, near Oldenburg) is a German songwriter, singer, musician, producer, entertainer, TV personality. Bohlen is best known for being part of popular pop-duo Modern Talking during 1984–1987 and 1998–2003.
and by Oliver Lukas
Singer who made it popular: DJ Oetzi:
Gerhard Friedle (born 7 January 1971) is an Austrian entertainer and singer, better known by his stage name DJ Ötzi, . Successful mainly in German-speaking countries, he is best known in the English-speaking world for his 2001 single "Hey Baby (Uhh, Ahh)", a cover version of the Bruce Channel song "Hey! Baby".
DJ Ötzi was born Gerhard Friedle in St. Johann in Tirol, where he was raised by foster parents and later by his grandmother in the nearby village of Erpfendorf in Tirol.
He first appeared on the stage as an amateur karaoke singer in his native Tirol. Shortly after the start of his career as a singer, he was diagnosed as having cancer.
In 2006 he found success with the Volksmusik-hit "Sieben Sünden", which became a number 2 hit in Austria and "I Am the Music Man" under the pseudonym DJ Ötzi Junior, which peaked at number-one in Japan.
DJ Ötzi's stage name came from Ötzi the Iceman the name given to the 5,300 year old frozen remains of a man in Tirol's Ötztal valley was the inspiration for Friedle's stage name.
He is one of the most successful Austrian musicians (having sold ~15 million copies), next to Udo Jürgens (~100 million copies), Falco (~60 million copies) and Peter Alexander.
Noch in 100.000 Jahren-------------rough translation: Still In 100,000 years
werd' ich immer bei dir sein,------------------I'll still be with you
und in 100.000 Jahren
lass' ich dich nie mehr allein.------------------I won't leave you alone.

Nur du und ich ------------------------Just you and me
was immer auch geschieht, ----------------- Whatever happens
ich schwöre dir: --------- I swear to you

ICH HAB' DICH IMMER LIEB! --------- I will always love you.

Ich mach' zwar Fehler, --------- I"ll make mistakes
aber ich lern' dazu, -------- But besides I've learned
wir halten zusammen, -------- We stay together
was immer ich auch tu'.-------- Whatever I do.

Und deshalb werd' ich kämpfen,-------- That's why I'll fight
werde dich niemals aufgeben. -------- Will never give you up.
Wir beide gehör'n zusammen, -------- We both belong together
für mehr als nur ein Leben. -------- For more than one lifetime.
Noch in 100.000 Jahren
wirst du meine Liebe spür'n, -------- You will feel my love
denn in 100.000 Jahren
wird die Sehnsucht nicht vergeh'n.-------- The yearning won't stop.
Noch in 100.000 Jahren
werd' ich immer bei dir sein, -------- I will be always with you.
und in 100.000 Jahren
lass' ich dich nie mehr allein. -------- I won't ever leave you alone.

Ich halt' zu dir, -------- I'll stay with you
denn alles geht mal vorbei, -------- When all passes by
auch der schlimmste Tag. -------- Even on the worst day
Ich bin dir immer treu. -------- I'll always be true to you.
Du kannst mir glauben, -------- You can believe me
ich steh' immer hinter dir. -------- I'll always support you.
Ich weiß genau, -------- And I know
dasselbe machst du bei mir.------- Its the same with you.

Niemals werd' ich gehen, ------- Never will I leave
bleib' bei mir für alle Zeit. ------ Stay with me for all time.
Wir beide gehör'n zusammen, ----- We both belong toghether
länger als die Ewigkeit. ----- For longer than eternity.


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good morning jay, a very impressive page here today,a wonderful sing,dont know this song, sounds good anyway,very nicely presented, very much enjoyed my listern here today big hugsssssssssssssssssss and lots of stars to you my friend **********************************************************************************************5 ella uk


Comment by Butterfly2604GOLD +1

Guten Morgen Jay du singst es super - gefällt mir sehr gut!
Hugs Marina!***************

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Comment by Rene_Oldies

Excellent Singin' Sounds Great Beautiful Rendition Nicely Done! Thank You For Sharing *****5***** René


Comment by greeneyes56GOLD

Guten Mittag Jay....sehr gut gesungen mein Freund...!
Nice to hear you sing German....!

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I'am so behind on listens and am trying to get caught up, be there soon:)

Good evening my enjoying this even know I don't know what you singing your still sounding good....Hope your evening is going well my friend......Susan

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I'am so behind on listens and am trying to get caught up, be there soon:)

By the way my Dad's mother was German....but I don't remember her speaking German......:) Well I was so young at that time.....