The Music Of The Night by skatlady_bln

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The Music Of The Night


from Phantom Of The Opera




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r/c3b86ba73 Metallica and more :-) hugss

c h a l l e n g e ___CAM___ A Warm Fuzzy Challenge! _____

thanks for visiting, listening here and the lovly comments

Your Warm Fuzzy Comment Challenge:

We want you to look back and find a recent comment that stands out from all the rest. Find that special someone who took time to write you a nice or funny or heartfelt note, that made you feel all warm and fuzzy inside - and dedicate a song to them! Just to say "Thanks!"

Warm Fuzzy Challenge Part A: Sing any song from the entire website. If you already know what song you would like to sing, you can request it be added to the feature page here! The song must be dated September 8th to be accepted. And yes, Duets with that special someone are allowed!

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I was very happy about all the comments.

Piano: BACH, Johann Sebastian - Prelude No 1, C Major

I did not expect so many people like it.

But one comment made me particularly happy and surprised.
There is someone here, I know more than 17 years and he is from Middle USA. He took me to Singsnap 2008

Since he is always very busy, I had not heard of him for a long time ...
but to this piano piece he left a nice comment.

Really great.
Thanks for that ! hugssssssssssssssssssssss

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