That's My Job by Sherrie

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That's My Job


Conway Twitty




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luvofmusic33LEVEL 5

Comment by luvofmusic33

Great Sing!!! Loved my listen stars your way********

calgreenLEVEL 44

Comment by calgreenGOLD

Sherri........ what a beautiful and touching song.
You covered it perfectly.
I like my friend.


DejaHereLEVEL 57

Comment by DejaHere

This is feakin' brilliant Sherrie. What can I say? It is all in this incredible rendition of a song you and Conway Twitty have both sung! Amazing. Emotion, sound, all that goes into creating the perfect delivery and grabbing attention. Very special. I see you've pumped out a few....I'll be back to this one in just a while! WOW

DejaHereLEVEL 57

Comment by DejaHere

Delete the banner above please....this is the right one

DejaHereLEVEL 57

Comment by DejaHere

It is a joy to have the opportunity to award Kinnarees on the day I have the daily artist pick. And this one is for you!


Comment by NonnietoallGOLD

I LOVE THE WAY YOU SANG THIS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!SO TOUCHING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

qtkat_2000LEVEL 63

Comment by qtkat_2000

Tyler had this song as the one that played in the background of one of his computer programs..... it would play over and over and over..... I was very surprised that he even liked Conway....That's when I first realized that he liked Country music also..... His friend told me, after he died, that both he and Tyler thought Conway had the best voice of any singer....

I'm smiling here..... Thank you for delivering this sweet memory and singing this with such feeling and incredible vocals.....

I'm playlisting it now, in Kinnaree and ML playlists....

flablondieLEVEL 31

Comment by flablondie

Sherrie ,,,Well Deserved Kinnaree.....
A Beautiful Smooth Sing.....
Vocals spot on.....
I Love It....
Huggs me

yellowRose2013LEVEL 71

Comment by yellowRose2013GOLD

What a lovely song.. I have not heard this one in years. Fantastic job.. Rose


Comment by osanbat9GOLD

Get you some Ohio love: r/bea44437f

Bravo on this lovely sing...