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His Hand In Mine


Carroll Roberson




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God's Garden

“The LORD will guide you always; he will satisfy your needs in a sun-scorched land and will strengthen your frame. You will be like a well-watered garden, like a spring whose waters never fail.” Isaiah 58:11

Have you seen a garden in full bloom? Do you remember it? If not, then perhaps you can imagine one. Each flower is carefully arranged, carefully spaced, carefully pruned, and tenderly cared for. It doesn't matter what the weather or time of year, the gardener never takes a break from their labor. Can you see it? Imagine the smell in the the air, the fragrances of hundreds, thousands, even billions of flowers. All of them contributing to the bouquet and yet each one separate. Feel the breeze as it softly kisses your skin and then gusts, changing directions and bringing new petals to lie at your feet. Can you see this garden? This is the garden of God. Each flower and each plant is a life, a person, a soul.

Some of the flowers bloom beautifully, giving their all for their short span in the garden while some sulk and refuse to blossom. Some flowers hold back their beautiful smells and colors while others display all of their beauty, refusing to be relegated to the mundane. Each flower is tended by the great gardener Himself. Each flower, each shrub, each tree, each bush, and each plant is pruned so that it will have the opportunity to be displayed to its fullest potential. Each plant is carefully planted and watered, from the seed to full maturity because the Gardener knows what is best for that plant. The Gardener also knows where He wants that plant and how best to display it. The Gardener has a plan for His garden.

Each arrangement shows off every flower to its best potential, each skilled grouping takes every flower to its utmost. In every case the Gardener knows what is best, encouraging, cajoling, challenging, pruning, or just letting it go. Every flower is different, every plant is unique, and the Gardener knows each one by name. It is the most beautiful garden in the universe. Can you see it?

You are part of God's garden. An integral part of it. You are not just a sideline attraction. You are the main show, the primary exhibition in God's great garden of life. You! Yes, you! Don't be bashful or ashamed but be glad, be joyful, be glorious because that is how God, our Gardener sees you. Glorious, joyful, fulfilled and given every chance to exceed! You are His prized possession and yet there is no pressure to perform, all you have to do is be! Your existence makes Him proud! It doesn't matter if you are a petunia, a daisy, a rose, or an orchid. Whatever you are, the other flowers will display you to your best! God is pleased with you no matter what the beauty of the others may be, no matter the size of their petals or the depth of their roots. You are unique to God and only you can do what He wants you to do and only you can be where He wants you to be.

All we have to do in this garden is allow the Gardener to tend to us. To open ourselves to God's trimming and pruning and shaping. We do this by giving ourselves over to His will and trusting in that will. God is good and His garden is everlasting beauty.

Thanks for taking the time from your lives to worship with me today!


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Comment by Vita_Bella

Gosh, it sure is beautiful in here and I love beauty so it was a good time to come visit I think :))


Comment by Vita_Bella

And I have to say that your mini sermons are getting much more rhapsodic...have I missed something whilst away?? Ever inquisitive

Oh well...whatever it is, the fall out is very pleasant indeed.

Lovely worship song Dave and singing to match.

Wishing you a lovely week ahead.




Comment by dancewantabeGOLD

Back home again ..!!

what a beautiful back ground for your sermon and song .. I want to reach out and pick a bouquet. I wish everyone could read your message.. it was a wonderful comparison. between flowers and people.The song is one I know and love,, and you did a wonderful job singing it..I love your complete performance.
Hugs Lana

TuiqquLEVEL 81

Comment by TuiqquGOLD +3

<-- Best of Tui's today-days-songs. Now I focus on my holy task. <3 Laa- la- laah

u sing so professionally...

TuiqquLEVEL 81

Comment by TuiqquGOLD +3

<-- Best of Tui's today-days-songs. Now I focus on my holy task. <3 Laa- la- laah

Crying when read...beautifull message...too...And...You sounded Wonderful.
Awesome u did sucha great job with this!Enjoyed my listen hugs Tuiqqu

Nine_Thirty_SevenLEVEL 75

Comment by Nine_Thirty_SevenGOLD

WoW, What a Windy Evening/Night we had yesterday ..

Good Morning Dave ..

Nine_Thirty_SevenLEVEL 75

Comment by Nine_Thirty_SevenGOLD

WoW, What a Windy Evening/Night we had yesterday ..

My listen from
Start To End
Was A Very Lovely One ..

Very pretty flowers Dave
Have a great week


Comment by -Tamera-

Hi Dave


Comment by -Tamera-

What a delightful sing my dear friend...Beautiful gospel tune and message, Always enjoy my listens to you Dave..Have a great afternoon!
Thank you


Comment by CarrieAngelGOLD

Beautiful Background... and a Beautiful sing... thanks for the blessing my friend


Comment by --FireFly76--GOLD

No One Will Ever Love you.....with Nick! r/b2807abf3

Hi I'm late again Kingsy....but I made it :o)


Comment by --FireFly76--GOLD

No One Will Ever Love you.....with Nick! r/b2807abf3

WOW, this is beautiful!

Awesome singing as always....

I love the message too, and
what a beautiful background
to go along with it :o)

You are a blessing Kingsy...thank
you so much for being you!

Nicely done!

************* Hugs, Karen &hearts;

puertoricanmomLEVEL 24

Comment by puertoricanmom

What a beautiful interpretation!
You have a beautiful voice. As in Spanish: ¡Qué hermoso mensaje!