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One In A Million


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I get discharged from rehab on the 14th next Tues. I have a long road ahead of me Thanks 4 prayers

Let's Have Some Fun!

It is time to escape the craziness and have fun with some silliness! We are hosting the Balloon Pop challenge this Friday! Consider it like a game at a Fair - let's see how lucky you are!

Balloon Pop Challenge!

All you have to do right now is select a colored balloon from the list below! Post your choice in the thread. I will POP the balloons and reveal the challenges on Thursday night at 4 PM EST! All you have to do is coming back after that time to find out what your Balloon Pop challenge is!

Blue Balloon Challenge:

Part A - You may sing any R&B/Soul
song on the entire website on Friday, April 10th!

Part B - Since you were drawn to blue, you wear your emotions on your sleeve. You are passionate and care deeply about people.

I wish I may, Wish I might Have this wish I wish Tonight.
I wish That Everyone In The World......Stop the HATE and LOVE one Another" and Live Happily Ever After.

I hope it doesn't sound to bad*lol* I'm not feeling well and please pray I don't get this Virus and My Health is Severly bad. I have Heart Problems/COPD/Lung and Liver Desiese and NO immune System to fight anything off.. and will be 60 in 3 months.

I LOVE this Awesome Song....I used to sing this song for My Friends Weddings all the time... They would come to me and want me to do a song and I sang this song A lot.. when They heard it they fell in Love with it.....My One Friend had Her Father walk Her down the asle while I sang this song.......this is such a Beautiful Wedding Song... I hope You all enjoy*S*

Thank You for Your listens and comments they are much appreciated...

Larry Graham, Jr. (born August 14, 1946) is an American bass guitar player, both with the popular and influential psychedelic soul/funk band Sly and the Family Stone, and as the founder and frontman of Graham Central Station. He is credited with the invention of the slapping technique, which radically expanded the tonal palette of the bass, although he himself refers to the technique as "Thumpin' and Pluckin'

In the early 1980s, Graham recorded five solo albums and had several solo hits on the R&B charts. His biggest hit was "One in a Million You", a crossover hit, which reached No. 9 on the Billboard Hot 100 chart in 1980.
Larry Graham and Graham Central Station performed internationally with a world tour in 2010 and the "Funk Around The World" international tour in 2011. He appeared as a special guest at Jim James' "Rock N' Soul Dance Party Superjam" at Bonnaroo 2013.

Graham is the father of singer/songwriter and producer Darric Graham and is the uncle of Canadian rapper and actor Aubrey Graham (Drake)


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