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It's Only Make Believe by GeorgeAndCarol

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It's Only Make Believe


Billy Fury




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Recording information by GeorgeAndCarolGOLD

Hello everyone...:-)
Thank you for stopping in and for comments!!!
My vocals are terrible today due to allergies but I wanted to sing anyways.
I hope you don't mind me singing with you Wim!
Have a great day everyone...hugsss...Carol...:-)

Duet With BillBass!


Comment by Bob-HGOLD

Beautiful harmony, Carol, and terrific lead line by Bill! Great recording!

BillBassLEVEL 54

Comment by BillBassGOLD 1

carol beautifull sweetie i love it very much
hugs wim


Comment by Truck123

Hello my friend....


Comment by Truck123

You two did a wonderful job here.... great singing!!

Sensy1950LEVEL 81

Comment by Sensy1950GOLD

wow..... this is wonderfull.... totally enjoyed my listen.... you chose an awsome singer to duet with carol...


Comment by Tony58GOLD

Wow! What a beautiful song Carol. Congratulations to the partner, he is a great singer too, like you. The mixed voices was perfect. I really enjoyed much of my listening. Have a wonderful Sunday. Big hugs . . .


Comment by Tony58GOLD


Comment by GeorgeAndCarolGOLD

Oh I love that picture Tony....Thank you...:-)

Carole56LEVEL 48

Comment by Carole56GOLD

Wonderful duet 5 ***** for you two love my listening, thanks for passing by I appreciate very much

michaelangel2020LEVEL 66

Comment by michaelangel2020GOLD 1

Super stars Ms. CaROL.....

bigray62LEVEL 51

Comment by bigray62

Hi well done u2, enjoyed my listen

SugarBabe4uLEVEL 91

Comment by SugarBabe4uGOLD 5

Dreams are what the heart desire’s the most:)

Fantastic Job love this**************:)

race_leaderLEVEL 43

Comment by race_leaderGOLD 1

this is one awsome duet my dear friends. You made me smile in my sick condition here. i love it.

TheSingingMikeLEVEL 52

Comment by TheSingingMikeGOLD

Hi there Carol & Bill, Congrats are in order for the both of you on this superb duet you've PROformed!!!! Loved it!!!!! ~ Michael Ray ~

SteveAllenLEVEL 53

Comment by SteveAllenGOLD

well...i had to stop in for my daily dose of Carol Caffiene today...and i wasnt dissappointed at all...*****************all the way from start to finish...loved this!!!!


dsider63LEVEL 101

Comment by dsider63GOLD 1

Hello Carol and bill

dsider63LEVEL 101

Comment by dsider63GOLD 1

Sounding amazing bill wow

dsider63LEVEL 101

Comment by dsider63GOLD 1

Yes I love it you both sound awesome

dsider63LEVEL 101

Comment by dsider63GOLD 1

What an amazing duet Carol you picked a wonderful partner

dsider63LEVEL 101

Comment by dsider63GOLD 1

Nothing make believe about this wow