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Could This Be Magic


Richard Blandon & The Dubs




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The Dubs are an American doo wop vocal group formed in 1956, led by Richard Blandon , who also composed their hits "Don't Ask Me To Be Lonely" and "Could This Be Magic". The latter song went to #23 in 1957 and became recognized over the years as a doo-wop classic.

This is a new song for me, as I never heard of it before and came across it by chance while looking for a song with the word "magic" in the title for a Harry Potter theme challenge. Listened to the Dubs' recording several times in the morning before doing my own version in the afternoon.

Many thanks to goldenvoice1955 for uploading the magical backing track. Thank you for listening.


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SoulfulStrutterLEVEL 98

Comment by SoulfulStrutterGOLD

The adorable and talented Wizard of Oz!

SoulfulStrutterLEVEL 98

Comment by SoulfulStrutterGOLD

What a delightful song choice, Irene! I love doo-wop! I have never heard of this group, nor this song but I sure am enjoying your performance. I have to say is magical!

MysteriousSopranoLEVEL 93

Comment by MysteriousSopranoGOLD

I loved very much your performance, witch Irene!

Bear50LEVEL 96

Comment by Bear50GOLD

Met my orthopedic surgeon we talked & June 24th will remove left leg below knee*It's infected*

sounding AWESOME*S* LOVED my Listen

(Sorry for the Copy and Paste of comments Have a Torn Tendon in right shoulder with Bone Fragments/bone spurs and pieces of bone/arthritis. Hurts to Type, praying for Surgery)


Comment by TDCPATRON

diva71LEVEL 111

Comment by diva71GOLD

Awesome sing on this one Wizard of Oz.
Beautiful song choice.

AkashaMoonshadowLEVEL 66

Comment by AkashaMoonshadowGOLD

Look at the witch up there singing so well! Lovely song and great singing. Liked it.


Comment by Romantic_knightGOLD

Listening here....


Comment by Romantic_knightGOLD

You are getting better and better for every time you record a new song. Never heard this one before, but i sure belongs to those fifties ballrooms where girls were dancing aroung in beautiful dresses.

Thank you for leading me back to that great time. Fantastic singing here Irene.

TerryC4767LEVEL 62

Comment by TerryC4767GOLD

Yes this is Magic . I hear Magical music floating in from somewhere. . . Trying to locate it. Oh I see a door open and music floating out of it . There is a cute little witch singing in there. . Hi Cute Little Witch. I sure like your singing. . Thanks . Oh does that broom really work???. Oh ok then. I will just say your were Awesome.