Am I Losing You by claya

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Am I Losing You


Ronnie Milsap




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TrissieLEVEL 35

Comment by Trissie

Very lovely, Claire! Just taking a few minutes for a listen or two. I am getting so far behind on tax junk with my heart aching over losing my little Trissie dog. She was so sweet and just like a baby to me. She followed me from room to room. When I put my shoes on, she would carry on at me wanting to ride along where ever I went. I wasted gas in my car so I could keep the air conditioning running for her. She was my constant companion. What a big hole she left me with! Thank you for your kind expressions on my song.

Once again, you've given us a very tender performance. Straight from the heart! I find your songs so touching. Take care, Sarah

clayaLEVEL 3

Comment by clayaGOLD

OH Dear Sarah....Thank you for taking time to visit me...I have missed heart feels your sorrow over your Dear Trissie.....Love is so binding..She'll always be there with you Sarah...May God comfort you daily and lift your hearts......all my love, Claire


Comment by AndyTKPATRON

Absolutely beautiful. I can find no other words for this.


Comment by pixieredheadGOLD

RIP our dear Claire,,,what a blessings the angels are having with you in their choir,,,you were such a good hearted and lovely lady

TrissieLEVEL 35

Comment by Trissie

Oh how this song makes me cry now! It touched me so much before and now it seems impossible that we've lost our dear Claire! She was a constant source of encouragement. I will miss her singing and our conversations. One absolutely beautiful soul!