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Belle_MorteLEVEL 58

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SingSnap Star-A-Like: Battle of the Sexes! Round 2!

This time we get to sing from our own lists - men singing and being the male artists; women singing and being the female artists. This IS called Star-A-Like, right? Gotta try to bring the whole package and make it believable, eep!

So I really did try to get the look and the sound, hope it works and hope you enjoy. Thank you so much for visiting, listening and commenting

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JaneymeLEVEL 24

Comment by Janeyme

Fantastic video, love this, best of luck x

blondie3131965LEVEL 4

Comment by blondie3131965
COMING TO YOU............. | Good Luck | Forward this Picture

thedollyLEVEL 39

Comment by thedollyGOLD

I knew you would provide another winning video!
Wishing you all the luck in the world you truely are amazing offtone I have been so impressed with ALL your videos just outstanding dedication!
Good luck in the contest your the winner for sure!


Comment by greeneyes56GOLD

Wow..this is beautiful....wonderful singing and love the video...good luck!

KnoxKittyLEVEL 25

Comment by KnoxKitty

NIcely sung! Enjoyed the video! Great hair too!!!!

mickey-leeLEVEL 56

Comment by mickey-lee

great job on this 5**********************stars to ya if can stop and get a good lolo watch my jackson ok

marisalsaLEVEL 18

Comment by marisalsa

pretty song..pretty sing..Good luck to you.


Comment by playworldman80

awesome job good luck my friend

MisticalflowerLEVEL 3

Comment by MisticalflowerGOLD

Really nice performance!
Enjoyed my listen!

Good luck and wish you all the best

SimplyBabetteLEVEL 21

Comment by SimplyBabette

fabulous sing and video

Binky-LEVEL 8

Comment by Binky-

oh my gosh u succeeded indeed!!! wow wow wee

Binky-LEVEL 8

Comment by Binky-

Yeah--- Star-A-Like-----
Wow Wow wee a great show!
fantastic Job! great video
I really enjoyed your sing!!

Wishing you the Best of Luck

Battle on (Sing on) Weeeeee

Thank you ~Binky~

jeannieLEVEL 45

Comment by jeannieGOLD

Fantastic show!! Just beautiful!!! GL!!

--Beatle--LEVEL 92

Comment by --Beatle--

Great sing & playing the part....Good Luck 2 U!


Comment by chiliman


-SuzAnne-LEVEL 69

Comment by -SuzAnne-GOLD

beautiful......the video and the sing.....great performance! it is hard doing this! but so much fun! best of luck!


Comment by bangbangzoomgo

what a fab performance!.. i was waiting for a big black dog to appear lol

this was sensational..... you have the look there!... perfect!

Well done and best of luck, a great sing

bluekentuckygirlLEVEL 37

Comment by bluekentuckygirlGOLD

Awesome LOOK ~ Video ~ Sing this is really Fantastic... Looking and Sound GREAT ~ Good Luck ~ Jamie

blondeyLEVEL 50

Comment by blondeyGOLD 10

Wonderful performance and video .....You look and sound fantastic and such a great song .....I love this......Good luck .


Comment by Bre

Beautiful performance friend and yes, you did capture the look and feel of this song, all your hard work was well worth it ... wonderful performance!!!

Best of luck in the contest!!!