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Open Arms






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Recording information by onajice_ovonGOLD

Here you go, my very first one. It's still a little shaky. Let me know what you think. Thanks

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Comment by Songbird323GOLD

Great job! *************'s for you. You have the makings of a SnapStar. :~)


Comment by dina_hGOLD

Hello Onajice .....I can see you're new here in Snap.....well, no worries, that's how I started too...shaky voice..but you will see the changes day by day...

Well, to be honest, this one as your FIRST is just fine....I did not hear any shaky thingy...or maybe my hands are the one's which is shaking....lolz !

Great job on this Journey song !!!


easyoneLEVEL 20

Comment by easyone

Another great sing and it looks like your going to have fun here on ss,sure is great listening to you..Cel

GinaM01LEVEL 79

Comment by GinaM01GOLD

This is just beautiful!
I can't wait to hear more from you! I love your sound! I think you will have many fans in here!

Welcome to SS!
Stars 4 U! ***************************


GinaM01LEVEL 79

Comment by GinaM01GOLD

Happy to flip your stars 4 U!


Comment by onajice_ovonGOLD

Thanks to all of you for the boost.

superspacecookieLEVEL 8

Comment by superspacecookie

Love this song and I enjoyed your version! Great job on this. Keep up the wonderful singing. 5*****s coming your way

hotmistyLEVEL 83

Comment by hotmisty

beautiful sing awesome sing *******5*******

hotmistyLEVEL 83

Comment by hotmisty

i hope you are going to sing more songs you have a great voice

BambiLynLEVEL 18

Comment by BambiLyn

Wonderful performance! Bravo! Enjoyed my listen.
Thanks so much for the nice comment.


Comment by TatisKamatis

Sounding great Onajice, even without SS voice enhancement. Welcome to SSnap and thank you for your very nice comments -- Maia

yojrnLEVEL 32

Comment by yojrn

hello there! love this song, love Journey, love Arnel Pineda :0)

and wow, love your version and that deep vocals that made it a pleasure to listen to all the more...clean and crisp no less, bravo!!! :0)


livingnyLEVEL 15

Comment by livingny

I've always loved this song. Actually danced a waltz to it at my first wedding! Well done sweetie! Thanks also for your kind words as well.

pearls1961LEVEL 34

Comment by pearls1961

Nice job for your first one!! mine were awful!