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From Sarah With Love


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Hi as this is from Tuiqqu With Love...(And from a Hellish day, one of the worst days of my entire life, can we expect this letter to be very beautiful? I don't think so but I promise I try my very best with it.)

From Tuiqqu with love:

Hello, one of my most longest, been with me on this journey of life's, soulmate.
This letter is for you. Before I start, I want to tell you this. You and I have known each others, so many times (Or so I genuelly, truely believe) If you'd knew the stuff we gone through…You truly would believe we both are like strongest ever! This letter is for u and I send it in my most difficult day of a year 2019 thus far for me, I am so grateful, that no one on this earth has had the kind of day I have had. I am so happy, it seems im gonna make it through and thats very important. Now, I know very well, that everything is a mess and we can't scroll back in time to make things any better. It just isn't possible. All we have is this moment. I truly with all of my very being, wished I understood YOUR CHOICES better. I really wish that. But I don't. I don't. I wished to know but im coming to the realisation, mayb that's not ment for me to know then. All I have is, my side and u have your side and my side is soooooooo visible. I write all in my rants and I believe you read them at times. Call me anything you want. Anything u ever want but I believe u read them at times. I also believe your not only one who reads them. For example Sam here, reads them very openly every visit he graces to my dusty studios. I can only hope he not mind me adding it here, not that it is any secret.
Anyways. I still believe, with every fiber in me, this didn't had to go this way and I probably always will and I will always wish for better " ending" Gosh I hate using that word but there is no other than" Happy ending" so I gotta use it...
So alas. To point. We will always know. If we think about each others, u know that...
If you read this far, you know this is from Tuiqqu with love, so here goes all, I really think, which is good stuff 90% :ly.
I wish, with all of my being, that you could live the happy life, u always wanted. I believe you should have it all. I think you should simply have it all. We all should have it all, we ever want. That's my wish for you and EVERYONE : A life of contentment. Even if it would be, without me, which I feel is how u feel, not want me to be part of ur life. It is truth how I feel, be it right or wrong feeling, it's how I feel. I don't know ur side. Id love to know though. (Living without me, having 0 part in thou's story is something. Which I can't understand, ever, im sure but hey, ho, what can I do.)
That above was the 10% I said won't be so nice. Rest will be.
Truth is. I wish you to shine, I wish you to smile, I wish you to love, I wish you to grow. I wish you to enjoy life. I wish you to sleep, better than I slept today and I wish you the kindawa enviroment in life, that makes u happy. I wish you alot's and alot's of holidays. I wish you visit to USA. I wish you visit to Paris (again) I wish you visit even to the moon and back, if that's what you want as a trip, whatever your heart desires. May you get it. I wish you feel God's love everyday and I wish peoples who are around you, treat you like a Queen.
I wish you, every good dream of yours to come true.
There's nothing else more I can say, than the truth. I will NEVER forget you.
NEVER. There will not be a one single day, I won't think about you, you can believe me on this. I have accepted it, as well as I can. I am being as " Adultish, alas boring… " About it as a one single soul on earth could be.
I have accepted the mere facts.
I thought you might wanted to hear this from Tuiqqu with love.
and Love is all I wish for u + all else u wish for urself.

Donot ever believe anything less.
For this letter is written from hell and in hell all is pure and true… There's nothing else left in the fire's of hell than absolutely truth. Human is never more truthful unless, in the depth of hell. Trust me. I now know.
So, may God bless you, help you, heal you, aid you, love you, protect you, in all you do and may your life be full filled with as much as sunshine as can fit in it and I promise thee.
I will do my very best, to understand the hidden why's and I will do my very best to be what gigi, told I am...
Which is Tui - I am love.

I wish you with all of my heart, the kind of love, that I got to feel, once. For 15 seconds. (I once got to feel 15 seconds the most greatest love of all, how it feels in heaven, so to speak. It was only 5% of how good it feels there though!) I wish God let's you to feel it next! I truly do and I wish it would be how you would feel 80% of your life as it cannot be all rainbows and such, 20% gotta be wee bit less, right? Then I would know, that you would LOVE LIFE The way I wish for EVERYONE ON THIS PLANET TO FEEL LIFE IS GREAT ETC. Life in that kindawa love feeling is more than worth living for.
Alas I wish you the very greatest and best love ever.

From Tuiqqu With Love



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