We're Young And Beautiful by MarcelleBeavers

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MarcelleBeavers 30 & Dizfigureddolly 36


We're Young And Beautiful


Carrie Underwood




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MarcelleBeaversLEVEL 30

Recording information by MarcelleBeaversGOLD


This has been one of the best contest I have ever been in!

I am so sad that this is the final round... The contestants from day 1 have been just amazing singers and this was so nail bitting to this point...

Mindy... Thank you so so much for asking me to be your partner... Your amazing Boo!! I know we will enter many more for I have enjoyed this so much!

We knew it would be tough to sell 2 females as a duet.. but I believe we have done an amazing job thus far!

I wish everyone Luck in this final round....

:o( Hate that this trip is almost over... Love you all!

Thank you for listening....

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DizfigureddollyLEVEL 36

Comment by DizfigureddollyGOLD

Thank you so much Marcelle for being my partner through this contest....you are amazing in many ways..I am so honored to have you as my friend


Comment by --Baz--GOLD 2

And they made me sing "Im old and ugly" that just aint fair!!


Comment by --Baz--GOLD 2

Ive been following this no BS with you two..you thoroughly deserve to keep advancing..you can win on talent alone but Ill offer to sleep with the judges if it helps


Comment by --Baz--GOLD 2

Well you both sound amazing again,


Comment by --Baz--GOLD 2

So yeah..im so ugly..i have to creep up on the mirror!


Comment by --Baz--GOLD 2

I was feeling that bad about myself last night as I stood there in the mirror knowing how ugly I am..I asked the missus to at least pay me a compliment to make me feel better..and she told me I had brilliant eyesight! Bitch!


Comment by --Baz--GOLD 2

You both have such distinctive voices that just work so well together..you're definitie winners in my book..and Ive just slept with one of the judges already too (although his moustache kept tickling me) I absolutely loved this..all that vibrant energy..you're both amazing

hipoldmanLEVEL 21

Comment by hipoldman

Well, ladies! The manager has asked me to come ask you 2 young and beautiful ladies take off your dang spikey heeled cowgirl boots, cause you iz tearin up the dance floor. LMAO! This is a great song here Marcelle and Mindy, and you both are playing your parts so well. Another fine team effort from two extraordinary vocalists! And it is fun too! Yeah! Great job here ladies! ***Thank You***

MareeRogersLEVEL 15

Comment by MareeRogers

You have certainly sold me on the girly duets! I think you have now established yourselves as the best female/female duet couple on SS without a doubt. Once again the ladies are romping it home. Those harmonies are so tight..... and so are those jeans!! lol

Oh to be young and beautiful again!!



Comment by JCDGOLD

Best female/female duet I've heard .... on SingSnap or anywhere.

You two rock!

Love how you've made it your own.

Thunderous applause from me!!!!

ctrysing3LEVEL 12

Comment by ctrysing3

Daaayyyuummm Girlies this was so AWESOME I flipped yer stars!!!!!




Comment by DMALGOLD

Hi Marcelle and Mindy
The two of you were meant to sing together, you make magic with every song. Awesome duet! Good luck in the finals.
Hugs, Dave

Firefox58LEVEL 62

Comment by Firefox58GOLD

Ladies (or is that too old for you),

You are incredible! This is such a great song and you complement each other so well. I could actually imagine you on stage looking at each other laughing and singing. Awesome performance! I'm not a judge, but you've sure got my vote! Wow!


MarcelleBeaversLEVEL 30

Comment by MarcelleBeaversGOLD

Thank you all from us both!!!

PlanetShelLEVEL 29

Comment by PlanetShel

Yum! I am eating me a big ole sandwich of sexy and sass with a side of HELL YEAH!!!!!!!! Peace out, Shel!


Comment by sandman1229GOLD

Wow! You two really brought it on this one. What a great choice of songs. You two might need to plan a tour. Great performance. This is so entertaining.

ShilohkokoLEVEL 98

Comment by ShilohkokoGOLD

This is real cute you two. A fine sing on both parts. Fun listen. Ya'll made a great
team. Enjoyed. Applause! Best of Luck to you both. Applause!


Comment by BarefootJorjiGOLD

Hello Hello .. young & beautiful ladies : )


Comment by BarefootJorjiGOLD

hey Mindy & Marcelle .. it might be tough to sell 2 females as a duet ..

But guess whatttt ???

You guys sold it to me .. I am soooo buying it ...


Comment by BarefootJorjiGOLD

It's been such an honor & fun to be singing alongside you guys ..

This proves to me, you two are so PRO .. !!

Loved this flawless performance, keep 'em coming, girls .. Loved it,

GL to you both : ) Hugs/JorJi,