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Falling Leaves


Grandpa Jones




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I took this photo in the Buttertubs Marshland, in Nanaimo, on Vancouver Island, B.C.

This is my rendition of a song performed by Louis Marshall Jones, known professionally as Grandpa Jones, who was an American banjo player and "old time" country and gospel music singer. Born in Henderson County, Kentucky, Jones spent his teenage years in Akron, Ohio, where he began singing country music tunes on a radio show on WJW. His father was a fiddle player, and his mother was a ballad singer. In 1931, Jones joined the Pine Ridge String Band. By 1935 his pursuit of a musical career took him to WBZ radio in Boston, Massachusetts, where he met musician/songwriter Bradley Kincaid, who gave him the nickname "Grandpa" because of his off-stage grumpiness at early-morning radio shows. Jones liked the name and decided to create a stage persona based around it.

Performing as Grandpa Jones, he played the guitar or banjo, yodeled, and sang mostly old-time ballads. In 1942, Jones met fellow Kentuckian Merle Travis. In 1943, they made their recording debuts together. Jones had his first hit with "It's Raining Here This Morning" in 1944. His more famous songs include "T For Texas", "Are You From Dixie", "Night Train To Memphis" and "Mountain Dew", and "Eight More Miles To Louisville".

In 1969, Jones became a charter cast member on the long-running television show Hee Haw. He is a member of the Country Music Hall of Fame. This is one of his tunes and this is his picture..

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