Shake Me, I Rattle by cheqer

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Shake Me, I Rattle


Lisa Brokop




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cheqerLEVEL 62

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My word-Shake. My weather-snow
Wow, what a challenge Shae gave us, right? I was so excited when I saw this song was available here. It's another loved song from my childhood!
My mother had record albums of all kinds and I would play them over and over. This song was on one of the country ones and was always my favorite.
I always envisioned Christmas time, with the snow falling softly and a woman with a long, fur coat, buying the dolly for the little girl. Awww!
Thank you for listening, I hope it sticks in your heart, like it did mine!

My Google pic. Shake/snow


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KlooeLEVEL 60

Comment by KlooeGOLD

Oh My What A BEAUTIFUL Song and Sing!!! I Loved My Listen So VERY Much!!! I Love Everything About This!!! Just Perfect!!! GL in the Contest!!!


Bucks_FizzLEVEL 109

Comment by Bucks_FizzGOLD

I've never heard this song before, but what a beautiful song and sing!

Loved my listen.


Comment by Draymax

I am with Kathy on this one, I've not heard this before, but its a song that won't be forgotten soon. You're vocals skipped over the lyrics so sweetly! I will always have a penny or a hundred for this song!!! Best of luck in this round!


Comment by WengDSL

wonderful and sweet performance!
loved it to pieces

gregsmoothLEVEL 78

Comment by gregsmoothGOLD

awesome song for you my friend ,, ummm home run ,,just loving this one , impressive

angcouldLEVEL 59

Comment by angcouldGOLD

This was so beautiful, so enjoyed my listen
such a pretty melody



skyrisimaLEVEL 72

Comment by skyrisimaGOLD

skyrisimaLEVEL 72

Comment by skyrisimaGOLD

You know, I'm beginning to think I know half of the world's most awesome songs and you know the other half... Even better, you know the half that I just don't know and so you are always keeping me humble and teaching me new things. Thanks for your entry hon!

sweetmareeLEVEL 78

Comment by sweetmaree

This reminds me of the songs my mother would sing to me. Songs about children and orphans are the real tearjerkers. Thank you for sharing this sweet song. Loved it

CarraraLEVEL 72

Comment by CarraraGOLD

This is such a great classic.
Your performance was absolutely beautiful. Super vocals. I loved my listen very much. G/L

Mark49LEVEL 72

Comment by Mark49GOLD

This song just makes you feel good.
Your vocals were beautiful.
Most Excellent.


Liezel_0318LEVEL 52

Comment by Liezel_0318

Beautiful singing and great performance
I enjoyed my listen , Hit your Button
Hugs... Liezel


Comment by LINDYGIRL

this was so awesome ,love this song....................beautiful sing.........

HightonesLEVEL 62

Comment by HightonesGOLD

Very pretty image of a time gone by,
Î really enjoyed this a bunch,thank you

JoeTenorLEVEL 75

Comment by JoeTenorGOLD

I hadn't ever heard this song but I really loved it. Beautiful song and you sang it beautifully too. So so good. Bravo!!