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One Voice


Barry Manilow




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MarcelleBeaversLEVEL 30

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In 1980 I remember sitting in front of the TV and this song was sang By Barry Manilow and a children's Choir. I looked over at my mother and told her that it took alot more than one voice to pull that off. About 2 weeks later she came home and handed my a record. It was Barry Manilow singing every part of the song himself!

I was floored.

As a child I never got the true meaning of this song as so many of us more than likely didnt! It Only Takes One to start the ball rolling!!! Just ONE!

We decided that our last song would be one that we would remember forever…

This was the hardest song We have ever recorded on SS. Debra and I worked so hard on this that we almost gave up several But The talent in this contest is so amazing that I knew we had to step it up.
We are both so fortunate to be among the best of the best Couples that SS has to offer. We want to wish you all Good Luck and Win Or Lose we are all ready WINNERS!!!


Marcelle & Debra!

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MarcelleBeaversLEVEL 30

Comment by MarcelleBeaversGOLD

Goodness This is 12 layers.. and OMG we almost lost our minds..lmao

LuvmypupsLEVEL 11

Comment by Luvmypups

Absolutley gorgeous! Beautiful harmonies, sounds like a choir!!!!! Great job!!!! Loved it! =D
Best of luck in the contest!!


Comment by MsWoodSD

What a great video montage of the contest

Great sound you two have, it was beautiful!

SingingRainbowLEVEL 102

Comment by SingingRainbowSPECIAL-EVENTS 3

J&D's Country girls @ heart#72 "Semi-finals" are right here!

Hello ladies! This was really beautiful!! Hard work is always well rewarded if not with prizes it's rewarded in the feeling of having accomplished something really beautiful!! You really did an amazing job on the harmonies(all of em)
Kudos to you both!!!
Very wonderful and passionate performance by both of you!!
best of luck to you *************************


Comment by Griff34GOLD

beautiful duet you of luck to you both!!!!!********

freshstart02LEVEL 26

Comment by freshstart02

Just Beautiful....
Wonderfully performed!


Comment by igobypjGOLD

This was GORGEOUS!!!! Girls I'm so proud of the both of you! I know you haven't been feeling well (both of you) and yet you both were able to make this sound like A MILLION! (well a thousand) BUCKS!!!! You should be proud!!!! I loved this!!! This was a great collaboration!!! Good luck to the both of you!


Comment by JeffL

Lots of work in that.
Sounds great.


Comment by TheSnapanator

Aw, I see my pic in your video! LOL

You two must have put in a lot of time for this... I know how time-consuming it is to sing anything more than 2 layers, as you try to perfect each layer.

This was quite a listening experience...I felt like I was in a church... very beautiful! Best of luck to you two!!

Donte2211LEVEL 51

Comment by Donte2211GOLD

Beautiful U 2 MDSF!!!! Loved it. YF/Fan Always, Donte.

NovellaLEVEL 105

Comment by NovellaSTAFF 3

geop110LEVEL 45

Comment by geop110GOLD

Ladies this was wonderful and you both sound great. Your voices go so well together "*************************************

donnica59LEVEL 75

Comment by donnica59GOLD 1

I'm here for support....
this sounds like a winner
Pay up!
great rendition Ladies!

BigMike97LEVEL 8

Comment by BigMike97GOLD


Comment by RaeZeeGOLD

- mas

what a powerful song from you both! your vocal skills are really amazing, incredible performance! **************s


Comment by RaeZeeGOLD

- mas

again, wow! I just realized that was acapella, amazing!


Comment by LeezianneGOLD

Gorgeous! Super fantastic arrangement! Best of luck my friends!

DebraDuncanLEVEL 41

Comment by DebraDuncan

This was the most challenging song ive ever done on SS...infact anywhere ever. i didnt think we would ever pull it off a capella...but its been the most rewarding too getting the end result. Thank you to my awesome partner!

Thank you all for listening and for your lovely comments, we appreciate them so much!

ThisIsJoeRiceLEVEL 7

Comment by ThisIsJoeRice

Awesome job on this song! i sooo luved the video montage!

MarcelleBeaversLEVEL 30

Comment by MarcelleBeaversGOLD

This started off as a contest to me, but ended in so much more... The talent that is in this contest is so amazing... Debra I love you girl.. You stuck it out even when I wanted to pull all my hair out..lmaooo

I have never completed something like this before and when we talked about it I didnt know if it was possible... but it was and iut is and we did it!


Thank You All For Listening!