Gypsys, Tramps & Thieves by Jules

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Gypsys, Tramps & Thieves






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Darkangel's Talent Showcase~Round 1

Team Colleen

I am about to lose my voice totally and this is all I could manage for the rock round. I'm not even sure it should even be in the rock category on SS! What a cop out! lol

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Comment by --Baz--GOLD +2


Comment by --Baz--GOLD +2

I love this song!!!
And I dont even care that it's all about my family!


Comment by --Baz--GOLD +2

So anyway, Ive just got back from the local fair and they had one of those things you have to punch as hard as you can!

A gypsy!


Comment by --Baz--GOLD +2

Well...your voice sounds amazing on this..even if it is about to go completely!


Comment by --Baz--GOLD +2

This is another I learned more from the site than off, I thought that was brilliant Jules..i hope your voice holds out for your final song..if it's anything like'll be fine


Comment by Heaven21

This Is FANTASTIC!!! I love it!!! Good luck!!! you sing Cher better than I ever could I just can sing hard rock lol not soft

Annie_CLEVEL 29

Comment by Annie_C

sounding excellent to me ,,great voice ,,beautifully done .
Hugs Annie

JimBakerLEVEL 41

Comment by JimBakerGOLD

Nice sing Jules. Great voice... Just 'Flagged' you. Good luck and God bless.


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CeltessLEVEL 31

Comment by CeltessGOLD

Really lovely sing, enjoyed this hun gl x

RavenwandLEVEL 3

Comment by Ravenwand

Great sing! Enjoyed my listen! You sound great, if you hadn't said you were about to lose your voice, I'd never known!


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Just_Kickn_ItLEVEL 42

Comment by Just_Kickn_ItGOLD

Sing like nobody's listening! I do! :)

Fantastic job on this song my friend!!!! Really enjoyed my listen!!! Thanks for sharing and Good Luck my Team Mate!!!
Go Team Colleen!!!!

GotTwelveLEVEL 4

Comment by GotTwelve

whenever I hear a Cher song, I think about her flipping her hair...I think you sounded great

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Oh, I love this Cher tune! You are awesome!