The Impossible Dream by swankivy

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The Impossible Dream


Tom Jones




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I thought about going into musical theatre at one point, but didn't do it. This song was probably the most famous one in the musical Man of La Mancha, and I became aware of it when my grandmother was a cast member of the Broadway show. I always thought about what it'd be like if I had followed in her footsteps. Note: I am so frustrated that high notes make my mic buzz so much, but that when I turn the volume down you can't hear me at all! So hopefully the distortion on a couple of the louder high notes doesn't bug you too much.

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JimmyKingLEVEL 59

Comment by JimmyKingGOLD

this was very nice great sing have a wonderful night

gentletouchLEVEL 4

Comment by gentletouch

You are awesome...great voice you have...thanks for sharing your talent...5****** all the way....

servantgloryLEVEL 30

Comment by servantglory

beautiful sing! ******************************

bebiesLEVEL 2

Comment by bebies

you really have a great voice....had you followed your grandma's footstep? you would have been gone too far and famous...this is WOW...

just WOW...

BuckeyeBruceLEVEL 8

Comment by BuckeyeBruce

Beautifully sung; I thoroughly enjoyed this! Flagging you, please keep them coming!

AlfsongLEVEL 64

Comment by AlfsongGOLD

This is really fantastic! I truly enjoyed my listen
welcome to singsnap look forward to hearing more great songs from you. flaggin ya!!!


goodmusic56LEVEL 32

Comment by goodmusic56GOLD

Beautiful singing! it was a pleasure to listen to you sing! GREAT job!!! *****Gloria

egripme_LEVEL 27

Comment by egripme_

Awesome Ivy,,,Love this from you so
very much~! Such a beautiful voice you have.
You are very talented,,

spookshowLEVEL 2

Comment by spookshow

You can sing anything.....with sweet awesomeness and power!!!!

spookshowLEVEL 2

Comment by spookshow

Wonderfully done!!!!!*****************************

chris-de-cologneLEVEL 4

Comment by chris-de-cologne

Very nice! Very nice! Really enjoying your rendition! Actually about the thing with the buzz you wrote, I think it is some sort of problem many people fight with here on S/S. I got this effect mostly on louder YEAHs or when raising my voice ... maybe the only chance is to replace equipment and buy a profesional mic. These karaoke sets you can find in the stores are a waste of money most of the time, and with your professional and very great sounding voice, it woiuld be really worth to invest in this kind of thing I feel.

Hoosierdaddy73LEVEL 15

Comment by Hoosierdaddy73

Fantastic rendition of this song! What a great song it is and I totally enjoyed hearing you sing it!!

Tims_musicLEVEL 2

Comment by Tims_music

fantasticccccc job my friend wtggggggggggggggg

kandiseLEVEL 45

Comment by kandise

This is just awesome...You have a beautiful voice......

davedhpceoLEVEL 24

Comment by davedhpceoGOLD

Off the charts, what a beautiful voice, I'm very impressed!!!

davedhpceoLEVEL 24

Comment by davedhpceoGOLD

I had to come back and give another listen to your beautiful voice! Sharing this with Rena (Rena1954) my wife... I venture to say that you can sing just about anything with your given talent, you are Awesome!!! Love your work!!!


David & Rena

gwbLEVEL 31

Comment by gwbGOLD

Wowwwwwwwww I am impressed!!!! That was one awesome performance...You are flagged on my fav's list..."Fantastic"............