Merry Christmas Darling by Marney

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Marney 53


Merry Christmas Darling


The Carpenters




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MarneyLEVEL 53

Recording information by MarneyGOLD

I have been trying to sing this song for 2 days with several failed attempts.
This seems to be the best of the lot - even though I can't sing with any volume in my voice or my mic distorts the sound.

Also...just as I was beginning to sing - the dog decided to do his tap dancing routine which is what you hear clicking at the start of this song!!!

Even though this is pathetic and weak - I love this song decided to post it anyway. Thanks for listening (if you are brave enough!!!!)

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Comment by Generic10415

Mar, Merry Christmas darling and Happy New Year to. Better be here Christmas eve for my birthday!!! Very pretty with your soft voice and classified as easy listening. Love...hubby ed xoxoxox


Comment by gentleoneGOLD

oH Marney... you had no failed attempts.. for you know what they say.. practice makes perfect.. and this is as perfect as perfect can be... your voice is soft and pretty.. not weak.. and in my opinion... soft and tender is just how this song should be sung and to think that your opening act was your dog tap dancing... well... I shouldn't be amazed... not really!!! your family is so full of talent... your children and grandchildren.. your hubby and even your dog!!! what a treat this has been for me .. I have loved my listen Marney!!!! This was well worth all your efforts... one of my favorites!!!!!
Blessings to you and Big Hugs
Merry Christmas Sweety

MarneyLEVEL 53

Comment by MarneyGOLD

Hi Ed,
You can be sure that I will be around on Christmas Eve for your birthday ...most definitely!!!
Thank you so much for so quickly finding my song and being here to give me support.
Hugs...Mar xoxoxoxoxox

MarneyLEVEL 53

Comment by MarneyGOLD

Hi Rhonda,
Well thank you for all your lovely words! You are much too kind.

I am not too sure about our talented tap-dancing dog!!! hehe!!! I really could have gladly done without his "talent"!!!!

Thank you for your very sweet comments.
Hugs to you and a Merry Christmas back!

LionessDDLEVEL 53

Comment by LionessDDGOLD +1

I think you have the loveliest voice!
How can you top this, your voice is young and easy to listen!
Very pretty song, you sang it just as well as Karen carpenter!

I like this song, way to go girl!
Denise xo

MarneyLEVEL 53

Comment by MarneyGOLD

Thank you so much Denise.
Your words certainly are most encouraging to me - especially when I had to sing so quietly when I really wanted to do otherwise. However, the sound would go very distorted when I did - so I think I sounded pretty whimpy!! hehe!!

Thanks for cheering me on regardless!! You are too sweet!

silvermouthLEVEL 5

Comment by silvermouth

Well done my dear friend,your voice is better then ever,so smooth thank you.Love Les

MarneyLEVEL 53

Comment by MarneyGOLD

Thank you so much Les. So nice of you to drop in for a listen.
Merry Christmas to you dear friend.

MegusikLEVEL 56

Comment by MegusikPATRON +4

Hehe... Hiya Mar ... I was so brave and I am glad I was ... I loved the song sooo much!!! ...also I was wondering if you are able to typing an email in the beggining of the song and singing in the same time .... ( if english would be my native language I would love to sing some song everyday ... but for me it is hard job to learn song in english ...)
Hugs and love ... megi xoxoxoxox

MarneyLEVEL 53

Comment by MarneyGOLD

Hello Megi -
Thank you for your lovely comments and for listening to our song. I am glad you liked it.

I am not exactly sure if you can do what you asked about typing an email and singing at the same time - but I think that maybe you cannot. However, I am no computer expert - so probably not the best person to ask!!

Hope you can sing a song soon - as we love to hear them.
Hugs & love....Mar xoxoxoxo

nene37LEVEL 57

Comment by nene37GOLD

Ooh I started listening and reading comments and forgot to read your song comments, so like Megi up there, I too thought you were typing at the beginning of the song, then I read about your "tap dancing dog" LOL Well hearing you sing sure makes my heart dance so I can't blame the doggie for doing his little jig!

As for your other comments, there is absolutely nothing "pathetic" or "weak" about this. I agree with Rhonda, you sang it soft and tender as it is supposed to be. If you'd done it any other way, it just wouldn't have sounded right. It sounded better than sounded like YOU.
God bless & hugs for you,

MarneyLEVEL 53

Comment by MarneyGOLD

Steph...You are entirely tooooo sweet and kind - and always so full of encouraging words that I truly appreciate.

Thank you for your lovely comments and I surely hope you are feeling better as each day goes on. Take care of yourself.
Hugs....Mar xoxoxo

gwbLEVEL 31

Comment by gwbGOLD

Hiiiiiiiiiiii Marlene...Well you didn't fail in this attempt on this song, as it is very beautiful... Hugssssssss to ya'll and wish you a very very Merry Christmas...Gary & Dorothy

MarneyLEVEL 53

Comment by MarneyGOLD

Thanks so much Gary.
A Merry Christmas to you and Dorothy as well.
So glad you are getting better each day.
Keep singing - ok?


Comment by Tove_SophiaGOLD

hahah... sounded like my dog... hehehe... the tappin'... he does that often too ;O)


Comment by Tove_SophiaGOLD

how come I missed out on this one ???... huhhh ??


Comment by Tove_SophiaGOLD

what a beautiful song it is..and as always you did a wonderful sing... you just have that softness in your voice .. evnen though clear... just beautiful Mar... always a joy to visit your page...

Have you tried to go to your soundcard Mar ??... you can lower the mic there.. and then just raise the record volume on snap if you think it's to low ...

But to me it sounds wonderful ... just loved my listening... sending you hugs, love and smiles.. your friend always..Tove xoxo

MarneyLEVEL 53

Comment by MarneyGOLD

Thank you Tove for all your lovely remarks. You are just TOO sweet!

Thanks for the advice also about how I could record more satisfactorily - however, I am afraid I wouldn't know a soundcard if I tripped over it! I wish I knew more about stuff like that!!

Ed and I send our love and Christmas wishes to you for a wonderful holiday, dear friend.

MervLEVEL 54

Comment by MervGOLD

Beautiful Marney...What a sweet voice....You take care and God Bless....John and Linda.


Comment by retta66GOLD

Hi Mar,
I'm Brave...but only because i know
how Beautiful you sing.This is incredibly
Gorgeous.You have the LOVELIEST voice.
Merry Christmas to you and ED.