What A Wonderful World by Enchantee

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What A Wonderful World


Louis Armstrong




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For the What's Your Story challenge: It feels really nice to gravitate to such a positive song for this challenge! Of course, every year has adversity and challenges, but looking back on the year past, it was finally a really GOOD year in my own frame of mind and intrinsic spirit....enormous workload but with really meaningful support and appreciation, amazing glittering trips with family and friends, little adventures learning and laughing by myself and appreciating that I CAN, and really just a sense of serenity and noticing and enjoying so many beautiful moments IN the moment and long after. Things felt good and at peace, and filled with lovely experiences and relaxation. And then, towards the end of the year, all that serenity and feeling good, brought love into my life - my lifetime love of singing! I hadn't sung a note pretty much in 6 or 7 years, and the joy of making SS part of my day had exponential endorphin rewards - : ) Now, not only do I have MUSIC again flowing through me as a treasured part of my identity, but there are a few new and dear SS people in my life and mind now and many others in my studio who have decorated my life in such a unique way. And, yes, 2018 also brought a very special partner in the duet of love and life - and that feels GREAT too (I'm pretty sure it kinda shows in my songs lol) And so, my story for the next chapter - 2019 - has me continuing to regular see, hear, and feel "Oh, what a WONDERFUL world!" and hopefully, being part of helping dear people in my life feel that way too! PS. Well, Novella, you asked for a paragraph - so I delivered. : )

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