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Into The Night


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Unfortunately Bennie Mardones passed away almost a couple of weeks ago on June 29, 2020 and I've been wanting to sing this song. It's a great song but not an easy song to sing. And I was having trouble with the Microsoft Edge browser again tonight (I've been having problems off and on the last month or so since there was a new update for Edge). So the video isn't synced right with the singing and I apologize for that. LP

The song was originally about a 16 year old girl and I decided to use 18 instead. The original mention about the girl in the song was that she was from a dysfunctional family with lots of problems and that's what the singer is wanting to take her away from. But Bennie co-wrote the song with another friend and he got the lyrics a bit more about love and all that. The song was a hit originally in 1980 and then again in 1989 when it was released on an different Bennie Mardones album. Anyway, RIP Bennie Mardones. I love the entire original album this song was from, but this was his only hit.

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