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Or something like that.

Oh...and NOBODY can listen to this until kya does first! And I MEAN IT!!! lol

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kyafirstLEVEL 61

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*opens the door and lets everyone else in to listen to the amazingness that is suz*

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Have you any idea how unbelievably gorgeous your voice is?

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kyafirstLEVEL 61

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Simply Breathtaking woman.. Just WOW!!


Comment by johnny-larock

Love my listen , great sing , beautiful voice , Amen , Peace bewith you from all of us here ! 10000000000's to you , 1000000000000's roses on there way !


Comment by Wardy

Lovely singing on this . Hope Im safe to comment now


Comment by relaxedGOLD

Hello Suz...As you took the time to visit my site I thought that I would look in on you... Glad that I did as you have an awesome voice my friend.. fantastic rendition of this great song...All the ************************s hugs,Johnxx
I have flagged you if tha's ok? x

JulieTxLEVEL 13

Comment by JulieTxGOLD

Hi there...

I love this song and look forward to hearing this version.

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This sounds so crystal clear. I'm loving it so far.

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This is GORGEOUS!!! Love your high notes!!!
I might have to give this version a try. I always have to change the key on the original one.

This was beautiful!!! I enjoyed it, a lot!!!

Hugs, Julie

m_a_z_eLEVEL 13

Comment by m_a_z_e

love this song Love your high notes!!!fantastic rendition

mizshutterbugLEVEL 65

Comment by mizshutterbugGOLD

Suz your voice is simply amazing. If you were to cut a CD I'd buy it in an heartbeat. Sound as good or better than any professional singer I've heard!! OMG...I am listening now and those high notes...well they are out of this world. Girl you should be singing professionally. I have a friend in the recording industry (Nashville) that I am going to contact with a link to your songs. With a voice like that you need to be heard! Hugszzz, Linda

songpainterLEVEL 57

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Since I was hear at your site, thought I may well listen to some more, this is absolutely.. I feel blessed to have listened to someone with your talent. Thank you for sharing your talent here with us...