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I have wanted to record this song since hearing it for the very first time when I joined SingSnap back in 2007. But I have found the song to be a bit intimidating and have always considered it to (definitely) be a challenge of sorts. Adding to the challenge is that I have never sang harmony and melody in a song before. But I felt it was necessary to give the song depth and texture; part of my interpretation in a sense.

I adore Leonard Cohen and have listened to him sing this song many times. Yet, even now, I do not feel that I am able to capture the essence of the song as he meant it to be.

Of course, perhaps the essence must be found within the interpretation of the individual vocalist, within the interpretation of the individual listener, or in Cohen's case, within the interpretation of the writer.

I often wondered why no one simply asked Cohen what he was trying to say when he wrote the song. I now realize that knowing the author's interpretation may take away from the personal feel, that is, the meaning, that each of us finds when we attempt to understand the song in our own way.

On the other hand, I could simply be reading too deep into the meaning here. Even if the song were without lyrics, the tune is hauntingly beautiful and very, very lovely.

For some reason, this song has haunted me for the past week (at work, at home, at the store, laying in bed as I fall to sleep, and of course, any time that I have gotten on SingSnap!). When it was listed on a daily feature earlier this week, I sang it and posted it; but then I removed it quickly because (referring back to paragraph 2) I did not feel that I had done the song justice.

Yet, the song would not leave me alone. It was as though I was not able to get on to the next song until this song was done. And so, here it is (and I am at peace, once again): My humble rendition.

I have listened to many talented folks on SingSnap sing this song and find it difficult to believe that I could possibly compare to those folks.

Mine is probably the 4,000th recording of the song on SingSnap; I hope you like it.

My interpretation is that it is a song of love betrayed. I would be pleased to read your interpretation.

Thank you for dropping by. But mostly, thank you for your time.

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ShawnSnapLEVEL 2

Comment by ShawnSnap

I think it is absolutely beautiful and you should be very proud of this.


Comment by GlesgamanGOLD

I can relate to the song running through your head, and taking over your thoughts This happens to me often...
Well Janice , I know you are a perfectionist when it comes to singing.. Can I say I listened to your version last week , and loved it ... but it does not stand up to this version... you certainly found your centre ,and worked out in your head what you think this song is about. and really thats the key in singing a song well..It means something to YOU !, it's not just a bunch of words.with music.. it is a story... I love what you have done with this my dear friend. Be very proud of this rendition. I was very much moved emotionally listening hon. What a star you are. Bravo! ! Bravo hugs Jimmy

DougSingsLEVEL 51

Comment by DougSings

Hi Janni

I am sitting here listening to a VERY worthy rendition of this, one of the most beautiful songs I have ever heard. At the same time I'm moved by your introduction and understand completely every word you say. I am sure those of us who have sung this, at one time or another felt very much the same as you. The first time I heard this was in fact on SingSnap when I first joined; I was so moved I cried! It took me over 18 months to sing it and release it...... I was sure I was going to get a slating for it but the NEED to sing it was so overwhelming that I was more than prepared for any backlash that might come from it.

It is the one song that I knew from the off I wouldn't be able to do justice to and as a result never even tried to sing it but I must have listened to it a thousand times from various people. I never actually got to hear RW sing it for about 12 months of first being introduced to it; I never felt the need, and when I did eventually hear him sing it, I wasn't so impressed!

The first time I sang it, in an attempt to face my fear, and this nagging, constant need to sing it opened up a whole new sense of achievement. I honestly believe it was singing this song that gave me more of a voice and expression than I had ever felt of myself before. It gave me a confidence that had been sorely missing.

I don't interpret the song in any particular way; I think if I did I would only ever sing it one way. As it is; I let the song take how I am feeling and use it to determine the final sound. If ever there was a song that can 'own' a person, this is it. In someways it owened Leonard Cohen too: I listened to a radio documentary; not about Leonard Cohen but about the song itself!! It is probably the most covered song ever; and each interpretation is uniquie in as much as from the 80 verses that Cohen wrote, different artists will chose whatever flavoured verse fits with them. A producer friend of Cohen's said that at the time of writing Halellujah Cohen was in a hotel room, on the floor banging his head because he felt, even after 80 verses he couldn't finish it! From Cohen himself when asked what he thought about so many artists doing covers of his song, he said "I just gave it life, and now it is living its own life"

I think he was right, the song does have a life of its own. It lends itself to people to express themselves, to open up and to let go. If there is another song like it, I'd like to hear it!

You will imagine that I've been listening to you sing this a few times as I rambled on. I can say without hesitation that you have done a very, VERY BEAUTIFUL, and yes....... unique rendition here. Your harmony on the Halellujah brings a certain haunting feel ....... a reverence.... a celebration..... simply more!

Janni, I'm really happy that you have finally let go of your fears and uncertainties about doing justice to this song because now, I have another amazing version to listen to.

Hugs. Doug


Comment by tootze

hey janni,,,,your interpretation is wonderfull,,,your sings come from your heart,,,exactly what this sing intails,, loved this,, smileszzzzzzz ,,larry

kerikaLEVEL 5

Comment by kerika

I'm VERY HAPPY you posted this! I really enjoy hearing this song. And your rendition and voice were very beautiful and heartfelt. awesome job.


Comment by Kimmyd1975

Just Beautiful


Comment by Captain_Caveman

Loved It !!! Absolutely Gorgeous !!!! I've Never Heard this song before but its beautiful,and beautifully Done ! Of Course Coming From Your Amazing Voice I Would'nt expect anything Less !!! Veryyyyyy Heartfelt !!!! Fantastic Job Sweetie !!!!!


Comment by Captain_Caveman

lifterLEVEL 4

Comment by lifter

Fantastic job. I have always wanted to sing this song. But I was a little afraid of it. I would truly love your comments on my version if not too much trouble. Many thanks and blessings to you.

Smallville-JasLEVEL 1

Comment by Smallville-Jas

Wow Janni this is simply gorgeous! I love your harmonies and I am so glad that you posted this!!!! BEAUTIFUL!!!

harryoLEVEL 4

Comment by harryo

GREAT JOB...............HARRY


Comment by bangbangzoomgo

I had no idea Cohen wrote this song!... i always thought it was Jeff Buckley lol

thanks for the information up there Janni :))
You are quite right, i too have heard this song about 400 times on Singsnap by various people..... some good, some outstanding and some.... just like this one, absolutely exquisite....


Comment by bangbangzoomgo

I would'nt even attempt to sing this lol...
But i'm sure pleased you did, you're vocals bring this song right up to date...breathing new life into a classic.

Marvelous Janni, from one Cohen fan to another....
Bravo! :))

ZipityDoDahLEVEL 82

Comment by ZipityDoDahGOLD

Some Enchanted Evening: r/bf96f066d, God bless!

A brilliant performance! I don't think it could be done better! The most moving performance, thus far, that I have heard on SingSnap! ****************


Comment by vyper68

WOW.... next time dont wait so long.. :))

simply awesomeeeeeeee




Comment by vyper68

love how you made it yours and sung it alil different....


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Comment by Oahspe


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Comment by redheart


Comment by KayRosebud

Hi Janni,
This song haunted me as well, for the longest time. Everytime I came across someone who had recorded it I listened...and thought as well that it was sooooooo incredibly intimitdating.

I finally gave in as well, and recorded it , & took me a ton of tries to get it the way I wanted my vocal interpretation as well, but it's one of those song that can be so analized a million ways.

To me, it 's just about singing it ...and making the delivery your own which you have sooooooooo done here in such a classy way.

I can't imagine your beautiful voice being intimidated by any song. You have such a professional tone.

Don't ever let any song intimidate you....every song deserves each person's delivery.

GORGEOUS ....incredible rendition janni...I just listened and swayed along as if it's the first time I have ever heard this song.

NEVER stop singing ....& just my thoughts..if you are being haunted by a song...that means you are supposed to sing it...;) because someone needs to hear it "-))))))

Just my 2 cents lol

~Kay~ "-)))))))