Ain't Nothing Like The Real Thing by lisamarie

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Ain't Nothing Like The Real Thing


Marvin Gaye & Tammi Terrell


1 Duet


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lisamarieLEVEL 42

Recording information by lisamarieGOLD

I dig this song...any takers????

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metsliderLEVEL 1

Comment by metslider

well your side was pretty damn good. if i can figure out how to do a duet i am gonna take it

lisamarieLEVEL 42

Comment by lisamarieGOLD

John make it your own....btw...what are you doin up this Florida...haha...I'm fixing to call it one...I am wow..tired...I'll hang out a bit longer...

peachygurlLEVEL 65

Comment by peachygurlGOLD +2

This is so great. I wish I knew the song well enough to snatch it. Yeah, I know it is supposed to be man/woman but if I can learn it, I may just grab it anyway!

lisamarieLEVEL 42

Comment by lisamarieGOLD

make up your own version ... really I think it just basically goes the same way as my parts...doesn't have to be a dude...sing if you want...I learned it from when I did the duet with Rich on ksolo....I love peachygurl!!!!!

JaselLEVEL 4

Comment by Jasel

Hey Lisa! I saw your kind of frustrated post in the forum and, well, took the liberty of doing this... I hope you like it!

lisamarieLEVEL 42

Comment by lisamarieGOLD

Well hey thanks for giving it a go...very much appreciated!!!