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In A Different Light


Doug Stone




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r/b06700adc Video staring MrsTux.

Country Music Showdown!!
Round 2
Doug Stone
In a Different Light!!
Starring: Mrs Tux as herself,
CoStar and a Very LUCK MAN! Tux Burke
I hope you feel as LUCKY as I do!!

First Photo 1973 High School
Wedding 1980
Today...2020 LOL

Doug Stone's, "In a Different Light" (sometimes shortened to "Different Light") is a song written by Bob McDill, Dickey Lee and Bucky Jones, and recorded by American country music artist Doug Stone. It was released in February 1991 as the fourth and final single from his self-titled debut album. It peaked at number 1 in both the United States and Canada, thus becoming his first number one hit.


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CountryGent30LEVEL 52

Comment by CountryGent30GOLD

All I can say is this....
This is absolutely fantastic!!!!!!!!
Best of luck to you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


JWHMan2002LEVEL 49

Comment by JWHMan2002GOLD

Loved the way you put this together. You really tell a story here. Fantastic job!!! Good luck this round!

Singingman1996LEVEL 54

Comment by Singingman1996

You have been heard by Judge Joe........Good luck

MeMomof4LEVEL 2

Comment by MeMomof4

Great job...Neat video...Really enjoyed listening and watching this...Good luck in the contest***** ~Lori~


Comment by lilcrackerGOLD +5 +2

This was so entertaining!! Great vocals & vid!! G/L......~lilc~

GrandpajoeLEVEL 53

Comment by GrandpajoeGOLD

Wow!! Man you did a great job on that song!! And the video too! Super Super job!!!


ShilohkokoLEVEL 102

Comment by ShilohkokoGOLD +4 +2

RIP Joe Diffie....Age 61....complications from COVID19 :(

This was really sweet and very well done. Clever too!
Great sing and a supa vid. I enjoyed. :o) Applause! Applause!

ShilohkokoLEVEL 102

Comment by ShilohkokoGOLD +4 +2

RIP Joe Diffie....Age 61....complications from COVID19 :(


Comment by TBONE_3300GOLD

Fantastic performance brother ! Very nice creative touch on the video... Relly enjoyed it buddy !! Great job by ( By both of you )

Good luck to ya


Billy513LEVEL 68

Comment by Billy513GOLD

Your an excellent singer & your showman ship is just as excellent!!! "MIGHTY FINE"!!!

lovinglife01LEVEL 27

Comment by lovinglife01

Very much enjoyed your video buddy...really nice presentation here and wonderful sing:)) Good Luck to you;)

Linda Lou

millserLEVEL 60

Comment by millserGOLD +1

Good morning!

millserLEVEL 60

Comment by millserGOLD +1

I'm so glad I didn't miss this on Tux!
I loved the video & you did an EXCELLENT sing there buddy!!!!!

smoothswplayLEVEL 63

Comment by smoothswplayGOLD +1

great singing,i love this song,your doing great,keep singing,your great


Comment by MsFiToyGOLD

Very creative!

TommyDaleLEVEL 53

Comment by TommyDale


TommyDaleLEVEL 53

Comment by TommyDale

keepsmilingLEVEL 41

Comment by keepsmilingGOLD

Love this!!
How genius of you to incorporate all of that into the video.
How sweet!!!
And you sang it just lovely!!

Best of luck!

removed1234LEVEL 2

Comment by removed1234

Round 2 entry heard and scored. Congratulations on making the TOP15 and good luck to you!

-Host, Jeremy Steven Hughes


Comment by GeorgiaPeachMarie

That's adorable! What a fantastic video. Loved it. ( :