Closest Thing To Crazy by Jules

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Closest Thing To Crazy


Katie Melua




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Darkangel's Talent Showcase~Semi~Finals
Second song: my choice

I have been frustrated all week trying to find a song for this round... I am so awful at choosing when it's an open choice! Anyway, I've run out of time now so this one it is! I've made an executive decision lol

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This is beautiful Jules!!! Absolutely beautiful my friend! Loved my listen! Thanks for sharing hun, and best of luck!

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Sounds lovely, Jules. Next stop - the finals.

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Hey Jules

--Baz--LEVEL 47

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Im pretty close to crazy right now....I think my neighbour is a nutcase!

--Baz--LEVEL 47

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Im not so much crazy..but a lollypop lady made me cross earlier!

--Baz--LEVEL 47

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Isnt this just a song that will live forever and ever..and you're going through after this..i can already tell........

--Baz--LEVEL 47

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But you know, the first sign of craziness isn't talking to yourself.......
It's hearing a reply when you do!

Very, very beautiful indeed!


Comment by Curny-GOLD

Sounding Teriffic ,,Fabulous Song and Singing ,,Best of luck

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This was a new song for me Jules but I sure enjoyed listening to it...It was so smooth...Lovely sing...

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well my friend you have a beautiful song to this song!
And love you singing this. very sweet on the ear...
Beautiful your version.
Well done on this

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Oooooooooooo!!!!!!!!!! soundin' awesome as ever darlin'!!!

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Good morning this recording is so beautiful, lovely rendition, pretty presentation (:).