When I Fall In Love by Lilnanz

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Lilnanz 22


When I Fall In Love


Celine Dion & Clive Griffin


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LilnanzLEVEL 22

Recording information by LilnanzGOLD

Duet anyone???

Thank you all!! For your visit and comments! :-))

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Vocal_ChordLEVEL 42

Comment by Vocal_ChordGOLD


Nice sing on your part hon!!


Judy44LEVEL 2

Comment by Judy44


Judy44LEVEL 2

Comment by Judy44

Now, if I knew this song, I would duet this with u lol....never heard it before

Judy44LEVEL 2

Comment by Judy44

if I knew this song I would duet it with u, but I've never heard it

Judy44LEVEL 2

Comment by Judy44

singsnap lag lol

Judy44LEVEL 2

Comment by Judy44

wow the music is beautiful

Judy44LEVEL 2

Comment by Judy44

wait, yes I do know this one but it sounds different from what I know

Judy44LEVEL 2

Comment by Judy44

awwww this is soo beautiful!!

Sheena108LEVEL 62

Comment by Sheena108

Just beautiful as always my friend.....wish I was of a different gender so I could do the other part, but I did hear it in total and it was awesome...kudos to you both. Hugssssssss Maria

pickerpaulLEVEL 95

Comment by pickerpaulPATRON

i like it and i tried it you were so good i really liked it hope you like it http://www.singsnap.com/snap/r/aea42e71

copperoneLEVEL 38

Comment by copperoneGOLD

WOW, love it and you sure a beautiful sing on your part. 5*********

copperoneLEVEL 38

Comment by copperoneGOLD

Great song and you did a beautiful sing my friend. I had to try it.
Harvey 5**********

KkublerLEVEL 2

Comment by Kkubler

We always love hearing your wonderful voice.
Simply beautiful.
Loving my listen today.
John and I are listening.


ImTheDavemanLEVEL 49

Comment by ImTheDavemanGOLD

I would love to join you on this but to
be honest, I'm intimidated by the sheer
beauty of your performance on
this song!!!!
I will try and practice - it may take a day
or two or so - and thats just to know
if I can do it justice. I'm not about to
give a half way performance on this
beautiful song and ruin such a lovely
performance on your part.
---- ***standing ovation*** ----


Comment by Ling88GOLD

Hello my dearest friend. How are you?
Have been busy so did not come in that often.
This is a beautiful sing Lilnanz, I am enjoying my listen.
Ty for your lovely comments on my sing.
Hugs, Teresa

siggyLEVEL 39

Comment by siggyGOLD

oh wow, there is nothing to say then what an incredible job...now I got to hear the complete song...it know that will also be outstanding...smiles....I love it ....girl you are amazing....hugsssss

jimvikLEVEL 38

Comment by jimvikGOLD

What a beautiful sing my friend.....Bravo.....when I can, I will deffo be trying to sing this with you Nanz...xxx....:)

trixigirlLEVEL 50

Comment by trixigirlGOLD

just lovely lil just lovely. You have a very prettttty voice. TY for sharing . definately a 5 star performance. Give your 3 boys a big hug and let them know once again how loved they are. Have a wonderful day know the Lord loves you . Your description of that wonderful SC cuisine left out Sweetpotatao pie and Pecan pie tho lollllll and that southern cornbread oh my sounding sooooooo good lol Huggggs have a great day

SidniefLEVEL 27

Comment by SidniefGOLD

Hi Lil,
I found you duet by accident and I like it. It's one of my favorite (Nat King Cole's not the duet). I tried it. Hope you like it.


splash08LEVEL 2

Comment by splash08

absouletly beautiful, her is lighting up the night with stars for you