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Sunshine Superman

Video Recorded by JETTRUN & UnaBlackbird in the Style of Donovan.
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A quick little Hi-JETTED DUET on a fun 60's classic.

I'm Not Lisa

Audio Recorded by MELVA_CUFF in the Style of Jessi Colter.
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Help Me Make It Through The Night

Audio Recorded by SaraB9838 in the Style of Martina McBride.
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Thanks for listening my friends~ :)

Night And Day

Video Recorded by james1951 & SimplyRozzy47 in the Style of Frank Sinatra.
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Video Recorded by pixieredhead & SteveAllen in the Style of Martina McBride.
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This song has so much meaning to me as it does for my friend Steve, so I joined him and put this into a duet, listen to what he says, in these times we really do need this, thank you Steve

La Bamba

Video Recorded by CaroleL5863 in the Style of Ritchie Valens.
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Moon River

Audio Recorded by twilightzone22 in the Style of Andy Williams.
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A Thousand Years

Video Recorded by newbie1973 in the Style of Christina Perri.
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I love this song, it's lyrics, melody and meaning..........thx

The Rose

Audio Recorded by CourtneyD7778 in the Style of Bette Midler.
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All Together Now

Video Recorded by debra57 in the Style of The Farm.
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Don't Know Why

Audio Recorded by Yankee_Julie314 in the Style of Norah Jones.
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Harmony and doubling my voice for the feature. Thanks for listening and commenting.

I Can Still Feel You

Audio Recorded by Davew in the Style of Collin Raye.
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Twistin' The Night Away

Audio Recorded by conan72 in the Style of Sam Cooke.
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Enjoy the song and thanks for listening:

Never Can Say Goodbye

Audio Recorded by shoskins in the Style of The Jackson 5.
20 views 9 comments

*******************featured song*************************** I love this song but never could master singing it is what it Its just to far out of my range now matter what key its Sharron

Famous Last Words Of A Fool

Video Recorded by Wolf64 in the Style of George Strait.
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The Story Of My Life

Audio Recorded by ChiefBigHorse in the Style of Marty Robbins.
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Your Cheatin' Heart

Audio Recorded by singingcowgirl in the Style of Patsy Cline.
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I love Patsys version of this song

You're The Only Good Thing

Audio Recorded by ravinsixties & marywuls in the Style of Jim Reeves.
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Duet with my Lovely Friend Mary

When The Roll Is Called Up Yonder

Video Recorded by TDC in the Style of Loretta Lynn.
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Praise my Sweet Jesus what a bright and shinin' mornin' that's gonna be!! I'LL BE THERE!!! AMEN!

Phantom Of The Opera

Audio Recorded by Chihuahuaman & BaseyChlo in the Style of from Phantom Of The Opera.
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Singing with the amazing voice of BaseyChlo,...Rachel.