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Don't Know Much

By Berlanger 60 In the Style Of Linda Ronstadt & Aaron Neville
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---open duet---

Always On My Mind

By sweet2012 62 +7 In the Style Of Willie Nelson
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Feature Always On My Mind

Hotel California (Acoustic)

By Teachersrule 67 +1 In the Style Of Eagles
4 Views 5 Comments 3
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Feature, always liked this song! Ty for any comments!

Lookin' For Love

By g-13 44 In the Style Of Johnny Lee
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That's me at the beginning screwing around with the effects buttons.....always wondered what they did....

Chances Are - Hope Floats

By jimmybo61 47 In the Style Of Martina McBride & Bob Seger
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I Would've Loved You Anyway

By Num1gm 94 In the Style Of Trisha Yearwood
17 Views 13 Comments 5
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Several years ago I was in a relationship and it was so beautiful and wonderful for several years.....and then things...

My Heart Will Go On

By crimsondreams 42 In the Style Of Celine Dion
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My heart will go on....

Dancing Queen

By mytunz4u +1 In the Style Of ABBA
7 Views 3 Comments 3
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Selected from the featured songs list. I love the music of ABBA. Friday night & the lights are low......................

The Streets Of Baltimore

By kenobrien +4 In the Style Of Bobby Bare
16 Views 2 Comments 2
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Thanks for Stopping By.You are Loved.Have a Great Weekend.

Can You Feel The Love Tonight

By jow 16 In the Style Of Elton John
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Sky Falls Down

By Kw272727 23 In the Style Of Third Day
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I Am A Man Of Constant Sorrow

By Bigbopper55 38 In the Style Of The Stanley Brothers
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Hey Bulldog

By Voice_Guru 54 In the Style Of The Beatles
18 Views 3 Comments 1
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Watching the Wheels, by John Lennon!

Beautiful (Piano Acoustic)

By VintageChik In the Style Of Christina Aguilera
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By Rubyroo 44 +5 In the Style Of Kate Bush
14 Views 11 Comments 4
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This has got to be one of my fav Ms Bush songs. but summit is wrong with my vid syncing today. hmm. i guess the compu...

Since I Met You Baby

By Awit_K 47 In the Style Of Ivory Joe Hunter
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Whiskey Lullaby

By OscarJ 20 +1 Featuring WhyIssa 22 In the Style Of Brad Paisley & Alison Krauss
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By lisaluvsky64 57 In the Style Of The Judds
22 Views 11 Comments 5+
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I Want To Spend My Lifetime Loving You

By lindaro 62 Featuring InvestInPolitics +5 In the Style Of Marc Anthony With Tina Arena
3 Views 1 Comment 1
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Big Spender

By angelicbrat 61 In the Style Of from Sweet Charity
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