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Audio Recorded by pramodquest in the Style of Lionel Richie.
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Lonesome Town

Audio Recorded by Katydid in the Style of Ricky Nelson.
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My Husband! I love his rendition of this song! Thanks for your visit =) * encourage him to sing more!! *

Walk Through This World With Me

Audio Recorded by VALDARAE +1 & Baldrick in the Style of George Jones.
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What's He Doing In My World

Video Recorded by mrjohn8000 in the Style of Eddy Arnold.
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Neither One Of Us (Wants To Be The Fi...

Video Recorded by deliciousdee46 in the Style of Gladys Knight.
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Amazed (No Backing Vocals)

Audio Recorded by WildGingerChild in the Style of Lonestar.
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Just a rough draft one run kinda thing like all the rest

Wagon Wheel

Video Recorded by cowgirl in the Style of Darius Rucker.
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Rock me momaaa....

To Make You Feel My Love

Audio Recorded by lumbeecool in the Style of Adele.
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This is one song i just never tire of..just beauiful romance tune..:0)

Walls Can Fall

Audio Recorded by kybluebird +6 in the Style of George Jones.
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" :) Thought I Would Try This George Jones Tune....Yes Walls Can Fall :) "

Please Don't Go

Audio Recorded by edgar in the Style of K.C. & The Sunshine Band.
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Whiskey Lullaby

Video Recorded by truckco2 & candyo in the Style of Brad Paisley & Alison Krauss.
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Thanks for the open duet. Enjoyed singing with you. Clint

Sentimental Lady

Audio Recorded by Dan_O in the Style of Bob Welch.
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On The Dark Side

Audio Recorded by BikerJB in the Style of John Cafferty.
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Think I'll stick to Country. But this a great song from a great movie.

A Picture Of Me Without You

Video Recorded by Cupids_Angel +1 in the Style of George Jones.
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Thank you for listening:)

Cups (Pitch Perfect's 'When I'm Gone')

Video Recorded by Loulouloulou in the Style of Anna Kendrick.
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The Star Spangled Banner

Audio Recorded by KelliS5373 in the Style of Standard.
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Bette Davis Eyes

Audio Recorded by emeniano in the Style of Kim Carnes.
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Break Down Here

Audio Recorded by purecountrywoman0679 in the Style of Julie Roberts.
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If Only You Knew

Video Recorded by AngelaTurnTable in the Style of Patti LaBelle.
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Barbara Ann

Video Recorded by GrandmaDVD58 in the Style of The Beach Boys.
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