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Poor, Poor Pitiful Me

Video Recorded by Bluesman61 & blini & More in the Style of Linda Ronstadt.
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Runaround Sue

Audio Recorded by Bolt_Riprock in the Style of Dion & The Belmonts.
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Have I Told You Lately

Video Recorded by tacobellwalter in the Style of Rod Stewart.
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This website works great on any operating systems I've tried, perfectly...XP, Vista, and Windows 7. Perfect! Enjoy, and Happy Thanksgiving everyone!

Space Oddity

Audio Recorded by cotton-candies in the Style of David Bowie.
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Black Hole Sun

Video Recorded by Frankied7 in the Style of Soundgarden.
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Any Way You Want Me

Audio Recorded by jimfloor in the Style of Elvis Presley.
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We Sing Alleluia

Audio Recorded by kimsullivan7 in the Style of FFH.
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Amarillo By Morning

Audio Recorded by dogmeat in the Style of George Strait.
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Great George Strait song, one of many....appreciate the listen....Phil

He Stopped Loving Her Today

Audio Recorded by JIMGIBSON in the Style of George Jones.
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All This Time

Video Recorded by Singer_songstress2 in the Style of Tiffany.
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Please excuse the background noise. My dog decided to chew on his dog bone while i was recording this. lol, My mic picks up everything! :)

I Just Can't Stop Loving You

Audio Recorded by supergeordie & believedreams in the Style of Michael Jackson.
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Joining a great singer...thnx for the duet

Tennessee Waltz

Audio Recorded by sirpeanut48 in the Style of Patti Page.
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I love Tennessee..used to live there.

Don't Speak

Video Recorded by Deejayshar in the Style of No Doubt.
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Someone Loves You Honey

Audio Recorded by lovestillrules3 in the Style of Charley Pride.
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SOMEONE LOVES YOU HONEY*Artist*Charley*Pride*by*LOVESTILLRULES3***sung by *singting*P.MAN..WELL the track may have been a wee too slow...yet ima learning a wiitle bit.lollcomments&views welcome on suggestions for improvement..this is a Great Love Song for your lover too.its to mine*Wifey*

Can't Help Falling In Love

Video Recorded by ItzaSecrat in the Style of Elvis Presley.
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Hhh sing low how low can u go lol

Addicted To Love

Video Recorded by Slyy_70 in the Style of Robert Palmer.
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Does My Ring Hurt Your Finger

Audio Recorded by kornfucious in the Style of Charley Pride.
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Ain't Love A Lot Like That

Video Recorded by bootswithoutshoes in the Style of George Jones.
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At one octave down from highest pitch. It would be nice if I knew this song.

You Take Me For Granted

Audio Recorded by Francien in the Style of Merle Haggard.
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American Trilogy

Audio Recorded by ravinsixties in the Style of Elvis Presley.
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No-one, but NO-ONE can sing like Elvis! He was, an Still is, The King

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