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A Thousand Stars

Video Recorded by MAMAMIA +8 in the Style of Kathy Young & The Innocents.
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'Til My Last Day

Video Recorded by pickerpaul in the Style of Justin Moore.
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No graphics please A new one for me so my way and hope you enjoy it and have a nice day it is nice here today

All Alone Am I

Audio Recorded by Darlene59 +6 in the Style of Brenda Lee.
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You're My Best Friend

Video Recorded by johnnyblu4u in the Style of Don Williams.
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I Alone

Video Recorded by Iceman1967 in the Style of Live.
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New song i had to record

Rockin' Around The Christmas Tree

Audio Recorded by conan72 in the Style of Brenda Lee.
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Enjoy the song with the assistance of the SS Band!

Let's Fall To Pieces Together

Audio Recorded by ETZ in the Style of George Strait.
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A Whiter Shade Of Pale

Audio Recorded by LeenyBee +1 +4 in the Style of Procol Harum.
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Living Dead It was a Dark Cold Night There in the shadows I heard the sound of footsteps And a shrilling scream, that made my blood run cold I Froze with Fright.... The Wind Howled through the Trees Blew around the rustling Leaves... Out from the Shadows Walked a Black Cat Followed by a Ghost With a Spooky Laugh... I'm A Ghost With A Bleeding Finger He repeated Qver and Qver again...... I Stopped dead in my tracks Turned around to Him and said.... COOL IT MAN I'VE GOT A BANDAID

Love In The Hot Afternoon

Video Recorded by NICOLE_JAMES_LAIRD +1 in the Style of Gene Watson.
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You're My Best Friend

Video Recorded by jmacjem71 in the Style of Don Williams.
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Harper Valley P.T.A.

Audio Recorded by BobbyW4661 +1 +11 in the Style of Jeannie C. Riley.
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Just A Closer Walk With Thee

Video Recorded by fancyfair_1 & luckyviper in the Style of Traditional.
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A CLOSER WALK WITH THEE an awesome song: sung w/deep appreciation of HIS love for us all. thank you if you drop by and hear us/comment/ hugggles of appreciation from us. Fancy/Luckyviper

Could I Have This Dance

Audio Recorded by roxanne61 in the Style of Anne Murray.
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Don't Let The Sun Go Down On Me

Video Recorded by SweetLA +1 & domino201251 in the Style of Elton John & George Michael.
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Thank you for leaving this beautiful song open. One of my faves. You have such a pleasing, wonderful voice that it was my distinct pleasure to record this with you. Eltonette

Every Rose Has Its Thorn

Video Recorded by MAMAMIA +8 & dsider63 +6 in the Style of Poison.
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Always On My Mind

Audio Recorded by johnnyfrank +3 in the Style of Elvis Presley (Live Cuts).
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Silver Wings

Video Recorded by 44CrazyHorse in the Style of Merle Haggard.
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Great Old Merle Haggard Song :) Couldn't resist playing along with this one !!

Dancin' Your Memory Away

Video Recorded by sweetparis25 +1 in the Style of Charly McClain.
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For the feature

What Now

Audio Recorded by music_is_my_destiny in the Style of Rihanna.
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Have You Ever Been Lonely (Have You E...

Audio Recorded by mrbingo & Bonsharon52 in the Style of Patsy Cline & Jim Reeves.
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