Infinite Duets

The following recordings were all created with our innovative technology where each recording consists of three or more videos!

Angel Band

By TheBrim 74 +2 In the Style Of Carl Story
13 Views 6 Comments 1
Video Recorded

These Lips Don't Know How To Say Goodbye

By truxing 77 Featuring FuffyPhil 101 & Others In the Style Of Doug Stone
16 Views 1 Comment 1
Video Recorded

Brian... Singertyme Phyllis... FuffyPhil Almon... truxing

Rebel Rebel

By vicmel Featuring Bob60 53 +1 & Others In the Style Of David Bowie
33 Views 20 Comments 5+
Video Recorded

One with Rob & Bob............

Moving In Stereo

By MAXMUSIC 70 In the Style Of The Cars
6 Views 4 Comments 2
Video Recorded

Beulah Land

By QueenOfHats 46 In the Style Of Standard Gospel
12 Views 6 Comments 3
Video Recorded

Joining my daughter, SummerRibers, on this beautiful gospel song. Hope she doesn't mind! ha