Infinite Duets

The following recordings were all created with our innovative technology where each recording consists of three or more videos!

Can't Help Falling In Love

By donho2sing 82 Featuring luvs3sing 66 & Others In the Style Of Elvis Presley
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Video Recorded

Thanks for listening, joining luvs3sing on his song, trying to sing it the proper way, don't know if I did or not but...

50s 5 - Doo Wop 3

By archangel1 82
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Video Recorded

Wow Time flies From the archives Just messing :)

Crying My Heart Out Over You

By believer1 56 +1 Featuring FuffyPhil 101 +5 & Others In the Style Of Ricky Skaggs
Count Off 4 Comments 2
Video Recorded

Well, I didn't know if I could insert another harmony part, but, after just two practices, I recorded this in one try...

In The Garden

By jarhead_b4 61 In the Style Of Alan Jackson
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One of my Mom's favorite and she is 95 today...."HAPPY BIRTHDAY MOM" WE LOVE YOU !!!

How Great Thou Art

By --AItaliaBella-- 103 +3 In the Style Of Traditional
26 Views 5 Comments 3
Video Recorded

Happy Sunday may our daily humble endeavors be recognized and may this be a perfect day. Thank you.

Little Miss Beach

By JessyJamz 68
6 Views 4 Comments 2
Video Recorded

This an original in the oldies doowop style acapella

Time After Time (Acoustic Guitar)

By wrno504 71 In the Style Of Cyndi Lauper
12 Views 6 Comments 5
Video Recorded

Such a great song.... Thanks for listening....

If I Needed You

By joyforever 68 Featuring Gary_A & Others In the Style Of Don Williams & Emmylou Harris
47 Views 16 Comments 5+
Video Recorded

Thank you Gary for your open duet. You really did a beautiful job with this song that i love. Such great Guitar playi...

Surfer Girl

By charlie_ray In the Style Of The Beach Boys
28 Views 9 Comments 5
Video Recorded

GREAT DOWN LOAD jAY................

Giving Him All My Heart - Original (4...

By bdialmedia 49
2 Views 1 Comment 1
Video Recorded

A-cappella ... I wrote this song several years ago on my guitar. I added parts to sing cappella and removed the guit...