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Come To Me

By AN1 62 in the Style of from Les Miserables
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Layer 1 (Fantine only): http://www.singsnap.com/karaoke/r/b6a5ac2db "To love another person -- and his or her child, for that matter -- is to see the face of God." It's probably not even worth mentioning, but I make regular donations to the UNICEF to help raise children from the less wealthy, less developed parts of the world.


By STEFF_N_DON 37 in the Style of Johnny Cash & June Carter
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How Blue Can You Get?

By RonnieDm +1 in the Style of B.B. King
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Some 'blues' Sax for Your EnJoyment.. :)... .......... Sing Along if Ya Like... God Bless ALL.. Yep.. ALL... <3.. <3.. <3...

The End Of The World

By Maureenseufer 41 +4 Featuring supergeordie +2 in the Style of Susan Boyle
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Marry You

By AmberB Featuring LLTT 61 in the Style of Glee Cast
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Thanks for the duet Tom...catchy song... thanks for listening!

Summer Nights

By WorkingIt 56 +2 Featuring sb1053 33 in the Style of from Grease
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You are a blast to sing with Larry.....hope you enjoy our duet! Karen

Nobody Does It Better

By MabeckS6575 70 in the Style of Carly Simon
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Tom Dooley

By Crazymomma123 45 Featuring LivinaDreamtoSing 68 in the Style of The Kingston Trio
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By Tonigirl 50 in the Style of Johnny Burnette
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I added harmony to this feature song and thank you for listening.. :)

A Woman's Love

By luvs3sing 43 in the Style of Alan Jackson
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Now, if only i could learn to play the Guitar. Got the drums and vocals, just need to add the Guitar to top it off. Maybe I will, who knows !!

I'll Cover You

By skyrisima 59 +2 in the Style of Rent (Broadway Version)
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I'll cover you, karaoke, self-duet, gender bender, RENT, "Angel and Collins", recorded on ATR 2100 microphone, one key "higher", use of effects, just "because"... JUDGE'S CONTRIBUTION FOR: Well, If Roger and Mimi were the "heart" of RENT, Angel and Collins were it's "soul". The characters met and fell in love, in part, due to their belief in peacefully doing good where they could. Angel, especially, I think was a big believer in the Ripple Effect. Both parts were in a bit of a weird key for me but, I'm just happy I got (mostly) low enough to get through Collin's part of this duet. His was probably always my favorite voice on RENT, which is really saying something...really wish they had the reprisal of "I'll cover you" on here. It's so beautiful and sad...

I Wanna Be Loved

By samiam171 50 in the Style of The Andrews Sisters
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I'd Really Love To See You Tonight

By bobl 48 Featuring MEXY in the Style of Dan Seals
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Hi Jessica , wanted to sing another song with you and saw two open duets , couldnt decide which one to do so had a go at them both,s not to familiar with the duet number 1 but hope its okay , regards Bob

When I Dream

By pisces17 Featuring ravinsixties in the Style of Crystal Gayle
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Vocal duet with Mik (Mike) and harmonica played by barefootinangel

Somewhere Out There

By FelixB1591 35 Featuring Nickie1985 55 in the Style of Linda Ronstadt & James Ingram
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That's The Way Love Goes

By Beautifully_Broken 32 +1 Featuring Nashville_Singer 35 in the Style of Merle Haggard & Jewel
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I Can't Dance

By justslamm 42 Featuring traceymichelle 49 in the Style of Genesis
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Umm sorry!!! thanks!


By Lauraleee 5 in the Style of Eric Clapton
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You Are Not Alone

By happysenior 44 Featuring mfbutterfly 62 +2 in the Style of X Factor Finalists 2009
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Stumblin' In

By debra57 94 +60 Featuring RockmanXL 24 in the Style of Suzi Quatro & Chris Norman
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