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The Chain

Audio Recorded by Rand3DS in the Style of Fleetwood Mac.
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Thanks for listening!

Don't Let Me Be Misunderstood

Audio Recorded by ArthurAlbright in the Style of The Animals.
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Audio Recorded by sweet5016 +1 & davidw in the Style of Lionel Richie.
6 views 4 comments

Need You Now

Audio Recorded by shortwoman4 & Rumor_Control in the Style of Lady Antebellum.
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Audio Recorded by GlaszEyes in the Style of Olivia Newton-John.
9 views 5 comments

Thank you for visiting. :) Hostess Contribution

Golden Ring

Audio Recorded by foxymamaG +1 & Dannyeboy in the Style of George Jones & Tammy Wynette.
17 views 13 comments

Feature song, joined my friend Danny on. Thank you for listening.... Sweetest hugs!!!

All I Ever Need Is You

Audio Recorded by just & HeatherT2014 +3 in the Style of Kenny Rogers & Dottie West.
3 views 2 comments

Working Man

Video Recorded by kenobrien & vicmel & More in the Style of Rita McNeil.
7 views 3 comments

Tonight I Celebrate My Love (Duet)

Video Recorded by pipesandchops & -Ana- in the Style of Roberta Flack & Peabo Bryson.
10 views 5 comments

For my fav croatian one woman babe-O-RAMA!!!

I Should Have Known Better

Video Recorded by vicmel & Teachersrule +1 +7 in the Style of The Beatles.
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One of them FAb songs, awesome sing from Pat

Need You Now

Audio Recorded by ange1sam & Billy_USCG in the Style of Lady Antebellum.
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Hot Blooded

Audio Recorded by Voice_Guru in the Style of Foreigner.
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It's always cool to Emulate singers, but let's face it, as versatile as some may be, no one can really do it all ya know? so in this case, we have to try to do it our own way remembering that ANY song can be sung if you just find your OWN voice, and that friends is easier said than done sometimes. When trying to teach this to aspiring singers, I might take for example an AC/DC song for instance. The 1st. thing people want to do is emulate Bon Scott or Brian Johnson, and they end up tearing up their voice because they begin singing improperly, so I just tell them to imagine how a Country singer might sing it and try it that way, and when they do, it always evokes a smile, and even though the voice they use may not sound the greatest at first, once they get the concept and work on it, in the end it usually does sound alright, you just have to find the notes. That's all I did here, I just used my own voice and I think it turned out ok. It's not HORRIBLE, but then it IS hard to get use to, especially if your a big fan of Foreigner's singer and HIS way of doing it. But I don't care what anyone thinks really, this is just me experimenting, having fun trying a new tune out, not trying to out do the original. I hope you found it interesting at least. It's a different twist. "Thanks for listening"!

I Won't Last A Day Without You

Audio Recorded by jameschristian & GinaM01 in the Style of The Carpenters.
9 views 6 comments

I Won't Last A Day Without You. thank you sweetiee

Have You Ever Been Lonely (Have You E...

Video Recorded by ramblenrose & NTMD8OR in the Style of Patsy Cline & Jim Reeves.
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Tonight I Celebrate My Love (Duet)

Audio Recorded by BikerJB & -Ana- in the Style of Roberta Flack & Peabo Bryson.
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Wanted to join you on this one.......

Wurlitzer Prize

Audio Recorded by Milo_MacLeod in the Style of Willie Nelson & Norah Jones.
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Here's another selfie duet, a song by the late Waylon Jennings, which has a classic reference to an imaginary prize which is coveted by so many in the broken hearts club. ;) Thanks for listening, Milo <3

If I Were A Carpenter

Audio Recorded by Krystle1953 & damianface in the Style of Johnny Cash & June Carter.
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Tonight's The Night

Video Recorded by OBSEQUIOUS & Compassionate_Nikki in the Style of Blackstreet.
22 views 16 comments

My good Friend and I are back at it...... Enjoy your listen..

Only The Lonely

Video Recorded by DennoDenn in the Style of Roy Orbison.
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Two times me and my ukulele on cam. (It's fun to do a song again after a while to find out if there is any improvement since last time.)

The Power Of Love

Audio Recorded by MiaD1584 & ray-mondo +3 in the Style of Celine Dion.
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