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Cheek To Cheek

Video Recorded by Trey & peggyjoy in the Style of Rosie Ribbons.
6 views 2 comments

Quick Jam with the lovely Peggy!

With A Little Help From My Friends

Video Recorded by shazza65 & bigred210j & More in the Style of The Beatles.
28 views 10 comments

Singing here with 2 of my fav friends Mexy (Jess) and bigred210j (John) WITH A LITTLE HELP FROM MY FRIENDS Love you both <3

Does He Love You

Audio Recorded by lsadsnz in the Style of Reba McEntire & Linda Davis.
2 views 1 comment

Just testing it out. Yeah, I duet with myself thats how cool i am haha :)

Tell Him

Video Recorded by Creatoremagico & Reginamb in the Style of Barbra Streisand & Celine Dion.
4 views 2 comments

I can't get enough of these open Duets. This lady has a beautiful beautiful voice, so it was an honor to sing with her!

The Battle Hymn Of Love

Video Recorded by chingfordite & Mary_Smiles in the Style of Kathy Mattea & Tim O'Brien.
9 views 7 comments


Don't Cry Joni

Audio Recorded by NCM07 & jeez_4u in the Style of Conway Twitty & Joni Lee.
3 views 0 comments

Thank you so much for the open duet Lei! You did a fantastic job on this!

As Soon As I Hang Up The Phone

Audio Recorded by rvrfrnt & -KentuckyRainbow- in the Style of Loretta Lynn & Conway Twitty.
5 views 7 comments

Lora-etta is INCREDIBLE!!

Happy Days

Video Recorded by robertc in the Style of TV Theme.
7 views 20 comments

I Saw The Light

Audio Recorded by sonfel in the Style of Todd Rundgren.
32 views 0 comments

Something Stupid

Audio Recorded by musicman88 & soulsonglover in the Style of Nancy & Frank Sinatra.
1 view 1 comment

My Elusive Dreams

Audio Recorded by ky_gal & RogerRabbit in the Style of Tammy Wynette & David Houston.
4 views 1 comment

My first duet with RogerRabbit. I hope it turned out ok. Thanks for letting me join you, and thanks to those that listen.

Oh! Darling

Audio Recorded by Vic_Magic in the Style of The Beatles.
8 views 1 comment

Oh Darling!!! No scream,no shout!!!!! [youtube]http://youtu.be/1SXdwslzZ6Y[youtube/] Amazing little Darling!!!

Tears In Heaven

Audio Recorded by FANTASYSPICE & bos2004ton in the Style of Eric Clapton.
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Had to sing this love this song and with a great singer too :)

Your Cheatin' Heart

Audio Recorded by brian007 & MollyMaguire in the Style of Leann Rimes.
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The Logical Song

Audio Recorded by phil1968 in the Style of Supertramp.
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Three Little Birds

Audio Recorded by phil1968 in the Style of Bob Marley.
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The Importance Of Being Idle

Audio Recorded by phil1968 in the Style of Oasis.
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The Twelfth Of Never

Audio Recorded by SuperstarLegend in the Style of Donny Osmond.
6 views 1 comment


Tell Me About It

Audio Recorded by rvrfrnt & MyraHall in the Style of Tanya Tucker & Delbert McClinton.
5 views 2 comments


You Are My Sunshine

Audio Recorded by DennoDenn in the Style of Gene Autry.
12 views 3 comments

Two times me and my guitar, off cam

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