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To Me

Audio Recorded by Sigmilla & midtnmark in the Style of Barbara Mandrell & Lee Greenwood.
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Amazing Grace

Video Recorded by Aussiedg in the Style of Elvis Presley.
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My self duet


Video Recorded by Waterbird +1.
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STARLIGHT Good was the time we shared Wise was the promise we swore Must we live in discourse With our lives in remorse Can’t we love anymore? Care anymore? Do we sue now for peace or for war? Softly, I said…. “I care” But I could have done so much more At least said ‘I doubted” Stood up or just shouted! Can’t we love any more? Feel anymore? Do we sue now for peace or for war? Starlight … Starbright Grant me the wish…. I’m wishing tonight Starlight…. Starbright If only wishing could make it right…. Now we don’t rock the boat in stormy seas And we won’t find lucky stars… unless we believe If we put up a skylight would that help us see? Could it unlock lock love’s door? Before we’re signing our names We’d better add up the score Could this be our last choice…. Perhaps our final voice? Can’t we love… anymore? Care anymore? Do we sue now for peace or for war? Starlight …. Starbright Grant me the wish… I’m wishing tonight Starlight …. Starbright If only wishing could make it right…… Violet Cameron … Jackie Pappas In 1990 I met Vi at a Songwriters Guild that she belonged to… I was invited to come there and speak about song writing and also to Participate in commenting on things members were composing and Structure of songs etc. She handed me this paper with a few things Written down for verses but wasn’t sure about a bridge in the song… So Her and I worked on the bridge and changed words and wrote words This is the outcome of a month of work…. Then I came up with the melody And then I put it down in the studio …. It became the title of my Album… And the rest is History…. :o)) I hope you enjoy it .. I want to thank Sing Snap as now after all these years…. It finally has a video!!!! Huggs and Blessings…. (((*-*

If I Needed You

Audio Recorded by lady-blu & Little-Buddy +2 +5 in the Style of Don Williams & EmmyLou Harris.
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A Fine Romance

Audio Recorded by gaptx50 & jazztrumpet +2 in the Style of Johnny Mercer & Martha Tilton.
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I didn't know the song so I just sang what I thought it should be from your part! Hope it is OK!

You're Having My Baby

Audio Recorded by TwylaM4364 & -Jon- in the Style of Paul Anka & Odia Coates.
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Joined my friend Jon in this gorgeous song

Dancing In The Street

Audio Recorded by JETTRUN +3 in the Style of David Bowie & Mick Jagger.
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Okay here is my Jagger/Bowie attempted duet.

A Bad Goodbye

Audio Recorded by ImaChristian2 in the Style of Clint Black & Wynonna Judd.
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I need to practice more and so do I! Thanks from me's!

Whiskey Lullaby

Audio Recorded by Sigmilla & HandyManXtra in the Style of Brad Paisley & Alison Krauss.
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Audio Recorded by singsing4life +4 & Neohermit in the Style of Travie McCoy & Bruno Mars.
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I had to Join you... just had too!!!!.. WAY TO MUCH FUN! *YOU ARE A NATURAL BORN RAPPER*.. hush don't say another word about that lol

Rockin' Years

Audio Recorded by superman & littleeva +13 +4 in the Style of Dolly Parton & Ricky Van Shelton.
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You're My Best Friend

Audio Recorded by Montanacowboy in the Style of Don Williams.
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Great old song enjoy,,,,,

Fly Like An Eagle

Audio Recorded by locovocal in the Style of Seal.
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Ridin' My Thumb To Mexico

Audio Recorded by mellyp & Watson_u_Know in the Style of Johnny Rodriguez.
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Love singing with this man!

If I Needed You

Audio Recorded by countrycharley & --FireFly76-- +1 in the Style of Don Williams & EmmyLou Harris.
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Does He Love You

Audio Recorded by countryfan1959 & believedreams in the Style of Reba McEntire & Linda Davis.
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Can't Take My Eyes Off Of You (No Bac...

Video Recorded by Chuckc in the Style of Lauryn Hill.
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The Rose

Audio Recorded by twilightzone22 & wireyousinging in the Style of Bette Midler.
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That's All That Matters

Video Recorded by patpiker +1 & SINGMACHINE-LAINEY in the Style of Mickey Gilley.
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Patpiker&sing machine

Love Me Like You Used To

Audio Recorded by MickeyMama & RodKnee in the Style of Tanya Tucker.
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Enjoyed singing with you and the guitar was great, thanks for the invite!

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