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By Lesmuddey 32 in the Style of The Beatles
20 views 10 comments 5+
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A super faB 4 song way back from 1968 ....

Let It Be Me

By jameschristian 25 Featuring GinaM01 38 in the Style of Willie Nelson
14 views 3 comments 1
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For gina

If I Needed You

By lindi_4 45 Featuring karaokegi201 38 in the Style of Don Williams & EmmyLou Harris
count off 18 comments 5
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Burning Bridges

By dotinloveland Featuring Runge in the Style of Jack Scott
24 views 27 comments 5+
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Endless Love

By Noy_Otlebac 28 Featuring SinTunat3d 30 in the Style of Lionel Richie & Diana Ross
9 views 3 comments 2
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Marvin Gaye

By NCM07 Featuring Shoreline_Girl 71 in the Style of Charlie Puth & Meghan Trainor
16 views 6 comments 2
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A Soft Place To Fall

By believedreams Featuring supergeordie 35 in the Style of Allison Moorer
8 views 1 comment 1
Audio Recorded

I love Paul's solo of this and had to join on his duet

Tramp On The Street

By jarhead_b4 35 Featuring Jackie1960 41 in the Style of Betty Jean Robinson & The Nashville Grass
5 views 0 comments 1
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When I Dream

By believedreams Featuring supergeordie 35 in the Style of Crystal Gayle
9 views 4 comments 2
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I like this song and think it makes a pretty duet. Thank you for having it open Paul, you sound WONDERFUL as always

Don't Cry Joni

By Ramsay Featuring MELVA_CUFF in the Style of Conway Twitty & Joni Lee
7 views 3 comments 4
Audio Recorded

:):) I was really hoarse today, But it's hard to turn down a good duet.... Esp with Melva lol... " Don't Cry Joni " <3 A Duet with my Wonderful friend Melva <3

Can't We Try

By TOLERANCEOFZERO Featuring VitaminDee 56 in the Style of Vonda Shepard
7 views 2 comments
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But For The Grace Of God

By Luv2sing 52 Featuring beagle9 33 in the Style of Keith Urban
30 views 16 comments 5+
Audio Recorded

Singing with my Good Friend Beag, he's such a great singer and I thank you so much for letting me join you on this song, it's an honor :) Thanks so much if you listen.

Say Something

By Mr_Magnum 44 Featuring KimleeT3220 45 in the Style of A Great Big World & Christina Aguilera
5 views 5 comments 1
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Use Somebody

By sally19 18 in the Style of Kings Of Leon
7 views 0 comments
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Feature page new song ....

Graduation (Friends Forever)

By streebs 39 in the Style of Vitamin C
14 views 18 comments 5+
Video Recorded

E-violin + vocal ... hope u have some fun, let yer hair down, and indulge in a lil reminisce about grad days?! [btw, this black jacket smells distinctly like, er..like vinyl records! :D but they say vinyl's making a big come-back! lol... Hope so!] ..wishing every one well wherever u are.. tyfl, yf from oz, Wayne


By butterscotch in the Style of Morris Albert
30 views 25 comments 5+
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By linda1234 27 Featuring john_tucker01 42 in the Style of Johnny Cash & June Carter
5 views 4 comments
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Itsy Bitsy Teenie Weenie Yellow Polka...

By Blushing_storm 30 Featuring Im_normal 39 in the Style of Brian Hyland
14 views 0 comments 1
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We've Got Tonight

By wrno504 48 in the Style of Ronan Keating & Lulu
29 views 6 comments 5
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Joined you....

Somebody That I Used To Know

By Iras 36 Featuring johnny777 38 in the Style of Gotye & Kimbra
15 views 1 comment 1
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