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Rockin' With The Rhythm Of The Rain

By pinkkkk 43 in the Style of The Judds
4 views 0 comments
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Two Out Of Three Ain'T Bad

By Goxnadly 1 Featuring Rachel_Brown 47 5 in the Style of Meat Loaf
9 views 1 comment 1
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**************************DUET^****************************** Love this song Rachel.....you were great !!!!


By lastpub 23 Featuring -Audrey- 34 1 in the Style of Peaches & Herb
10 views 2 comments 1
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As Time Goes By

By Iras 30 1 Featuring johnny777 29 in the Style of Rod Stewart & Queen Latifah
9 views 1 comment 1
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Against All Odds (Take A Look At Me Now)

By FERNANDO2012 5 Featuring the-band 33 1 in the Style of Phil Collins
4 views 9 comments 1
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This band is awesome !

Speedy Gonzalez (Boone Vocal Only)

By magz22 in the Style of Pat Boone
3 views 0 comments
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Always loved this fun song LOL!!! Thank you for listening :)

Endless Love

By SoulfulStrutter 36 Featuring wrno504 46 2 in the Style of Lionel Richie & Diana Ross
2 views 2 comments 1
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I Can't Make You Love Me

By CarolBrighteyes 3 Featuring BryTunes 104 in the Style of Bonnie Raitt
60 views 34 comments 5+
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If I Were A Carpenter

By imuronlylove 43 Featuring simplyirresistible 31 1 in the Style of Johnny Cash & June Carter
2 views 2 comments 1
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Midnight Blue

By Debbs2012 45 1 Featuring wireyousinging 31 in the Style of Melissa Manchester
21 views 2 comments
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By a_bella_angel 29 Featuring RandyGVanWhitly 25 in the Style of Train & Ashley Monroe
10 views 1 comment 1
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American Honey (No Backing Vocals)

By Alisa95424 44 3 Featuring BryTunes 104 in the Style of Lady Antebellum
32 views 4 comments 3
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Rock A Bye Baby

By bwells900 in the Style of Children's Favorites
count off 5 comments 5+
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Rainy Night In Georgia

By Carrara 31 in the Style of Brook Benton
11 views 5 comments 2
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By kandise 22 in the Style of Barbra Streisand
4 views 2 comments 1
Audio Recorded

***************************************************************** I love this song. I have sang it many times. This song is about a very special love. Of two people accepting each other for the way they are. The kind where you can sit quietly together and still have the most wonderful time. The touch of his hand can make her tremble with passion

Who Can I Turn To

By iampears 28 in the Style of Matt Monro
9 views 3 comments 4
Audio Recorded

Photo Credit: by my sister, Ting I added harmony to my younger brother, Dave's PRACTICE (take one) recording on March 20, 2011, when I was visiting in the Philippines. He was gonna re-do this but run out of time. I have visited the Philippines twice after 2011 and was gonna have him record on SS, however, due to slow internet connection in the Philippines, we were unable to do it My bro is a professor in Palawan Island, Philippines and sings on the side for the University & community events & the radio station.

Addicted To Love

By WandaH1792 in the Style of Robert Palmer
24 views 22 comments 5+
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Threw a song in the air and this landed on my desk....Addicted to Love...rocking good song!!! Thanks for any comments or listens never tried this before but love this song Gooooooooooo Tina!!

I Still Pray

By snowdog 24 1 Featuring -Audrey- 34 1 in the Style of Kasey Chambers
16 views 10 comments 5+
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Closer I Get To You

By benjetta 30 2 Featuring GlennF 32 1 in the Style of Roberta Flack
17 views 14 comments 4
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Get It On

By Goxnadly 1 Featuring JessyJamz 24 in the Style of The Power Station
6 views 2 comments 1
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DUET with Jessy Jamz...... ok.....who took the gong ?

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