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Will You Still Love Me Like This

Video Recorded by LaceyAnn .
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I wrote this song, inspired by my dear, beautiful friends and neighbors........ I love to sit with them and look at old photos of times gone by........and listen their stories of life, hard times, and love........ and here they are........... still together after all these years........... my inspiration for this song I wrote...... may I be so fortunate to find half of what they have found together. :) thank you for listening!!! Lacey copyright 2013

SingSnap Original

Audio Recorded by BTragedy.
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Evanescence-My Immortal. Sorry for the bad quality. I was kinda happy for the outcome kinda thought it sucked.


Audio Recorded by lindahuisman & Ferry36 .
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Lekker wegdromen...... :-)

SingSnap Original

Audio Recorded by Aper8.
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My little Man- wrote for my babies

SingSnap Original

Video Recorded by davidmarxm.
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SingSnap Original

Video Recorded by DrWoodard +1 +3.
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Look Down On The Water

Video Recorded by ChachieD & musicalheart.
25 views 6 comments

Well this is never going to sound as pretty as when my mom sang it, and I added a bit of myself, and my friend Bee who helped me complete it into the mix as well, however I still feel that my mom is the driving force behind it, and these are her thoughts about God, and his love for us all! Be well, and may God Bless You and Keep us All!


Video Recorded by STARDUST_ON_MY_HAND.
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I wanted to try out some guitar harmony....

SingSnap Original

Audio Recorded by Aper8.
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Comes from pain- original by April C. Some of life's greatest lessons come from pain....

have you ever seen rain

Audio Recorded by sbogart67.
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