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SingSnap Original

Video Recorded by katypoo.
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Giving Thanks Unto Him"

SingSnap Original

Video Recorded by katypoo.
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Thanksgiving unto Him"

SingSnap Original

Audio Recorded by Arcticcatman5.
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You'll Never Know

Video Recorded by Ron-U.
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An original instrumental by Ron-U

SingSnap Original

Audio Recorded by Modaddy12SING.
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Happy Birthday freestyle

Video Recorded by dsider63 .
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Happy Birthday dear bestie I just put this together one take my words not the best but heartfelt Happy happy Birthday hon God bless you love your friend Daryl

SingSnap Original

Video Recorded by davidmarxm.
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Pasko Na Sinta Ko

Video Recorded by Diwata1215.
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Played by Raffy Lata on guitar... I hope nobody gets to feel this sadness on Christmas.... A song of deserted love on Christmas time and dedicating a song to the person she loved. It's basically asking what will Christmas be now that you are gone... and I am missing you... I am dedicating this to my Filipino SS friends who are missing home this season... ENGLISH TRANSLATION It's Christmas now, my dearest I've been looking for you Why'd you get mad and Leave me? If you'll disappear From my side, my dearest How will Christmas be Now that you've left me alone? What a waste, my dearest All the promises ... the unspoken understanding and love Do you want To completely forget the days of falling in love If you'll disappear From my side, my dearest What's going to happen ... now it's Christmas .... I sing this for you ...

Miss Kita Kung Krismas

Video Recorded by Diwata1215.
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Trying out this sad Xmas song... Miss Kita Kung Christmas My December is very sad Coz I miss you... Even if I try to shake it off I miss you's Christmas... NO matter where I go I look around me There is noone like you... I wonder why .. coz there are so many guys better than you... I still look for you all the time.. I don't know why You have left me alone I miss you ... It's Christmas... The sad part is you have found someone new.. And I am left all alone... missing you It's Christmas...

blowing my mind

Video Recorded by stokes1063.
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I wrote this song about june or july