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O.I. ( Osteogenesis Imperfecta ) Crac...

Video Recorded by Singingnutofmn.
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This challenge is for my Grqanddaughter Katrina Theriaque, Who has O.I., she has type 3 severe. Here is a link if you would ike to make a donation: God Bless you, Fred Bullis

You and I

Audio Recorded by jeez_4u.
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O.I. " Crack Myself Up Challenge

Video Recorded by Singingnutofmn.
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This is a challenge I was nominated by my granddaughter Makayla do for My Granddaughter Katrina Theriaque, who has " Osteogenesis Imperfecta " O.I. She has Type 3 Severe. Here is a link if you care to donate: I nominate my Son: Ed Sullivan, my nephew : John Bruce, and my husband : Fred Bullis. You have 24 hrs. to complete this challenge. God Bless Everyone, Sandy

SingSnap Original

Video Recorded by davidmarxm.
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this a payer for BEE DAUGHTER having SURGERY now

River of Tears

Video Recorded by Ronron.
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This is a song I did a while back...Since I love this song so much I did the long version on this recording after ironing out some of the problems on the last one...This is soooo freeking sad...I have tears running down my cheeks when ever I sing it...It brings back some really heartbreaking memories for me and for years I couldn't even listen to it let alone sing it...River of tears....

the one eyed jack

Video Recorded by sheepdog31.
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Remake of a sheepdog original by George all rights reserved (C) <a href=""><img src="" width="912" height="61" alt="THE GEORGE EVANS SHOW" /></a> <br />Image by <a href="">Cool Text: Free Graphics Generator</a> - <a href=" LogoID=879267375">Edit Image</a>

Riding A Raindrop

Video Recorded by Outnumbered321.
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This is an original instrumental piece I've been working on... Playing it on my Yamaha electric that tone :) In another thread I was open for suggestions for a title....after mulling over the many awesome ideas and suggestions, I've decided to title it: RIDING A RAINDROP - Thank you Lorrie for the "Journey of a Raindrop" idea :) It's getting there..... :)

SingSnap Original

Audio Recorded by Ilias.
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If you dare to listen to the Slavic music now, so this song, modified coyntry Finland neighbor .. Smile ... Iliad and the boys got inspiratio and tried 4 different key signatures ...... Hold on ... maybe removed suddenly ... Loll

SingSnap Original

Video Recorded by CURNYUNCLE.
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B.H.S.Live acoustic

Video Recorded by ZONE11.
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Look up on you tube from the Live At Red Robinson Show Theatre, Vancouver, Canada April 30, 2011 for this version :) I hope you all enjoy and please feel free to add your voice to this to make it complete :) xoxo frank