Recording Using Windows XP

In this tutorial we will explain how to setup your Windows XP computer for recording on SingSnap.

When recording on SingSnap all you need to record are your vocals. When saving your recording the SingSnap Mixer will add the music track and allow you to adjust the timing (sync).

Step One:

Right click on the speaker icon by your system clock and select "Open Volume Control". A Volume Control window will open.

Step Two:

In the top left corner of the Volume Control window you will see "Options". Click on "Options" and select "Properties". This will open a Properties window.

Step Three:

In the "Adjust Volume for" section of the Properties window you will see that you are currently set on "Playback". Click the white circle by "Recording" to change to your recording properties.

Just below the "Adjust Volume for" section you will see "Show the following volume controls". Make sure that you have a checkmark next to "Microphone" and click "Ok". This will open the "Recording Controls" window.

Step Four:

Place a checkmark below the "Microphone" slider on the Recording Control window. This will set your mic to your default "Recording Device".

Set the Microphone slider at about half volume for now. You may need to come back to the Recording Control window for some finer adjustments later.

Click on the "Advanced" button, below the "Microphone" slider. This will open an Advance Controls for Microphone window.

Step Five:

Place a checkmark in the "Mic Boost" option and then click "Close" to exit this window. You can now close the "Recording Controls" window as well.

Step Six:

Right click on the speaker icon again and select "Open Volume Controls". The Volume Control window will open once again.

Step Seven:

You should see the "Volume Control", "Microphone" and "Wave" sliders. Make sure that none of these have a checkmark in the "Mute" box. Place your "Volume Control" slider at half volume. With your headphones on, open any music file on your computer and adjust the "Wave" slider to a comfortable volume.

Sing along with the music that is playing and adjust the "Microphone" slider until you can hear yourself at a comfortable level and mix with the music.

Step Eight:

You're ready to Record a Song! To learn how to Record see our New To SingSnap tutorial.