Sing Songs Online - Create Music Playlists

The newest addition to SingSnap's emporium of fun is SingSnap Sing! A fun and innovative way to sing your favorite karaoke tracks without song search intermissions or the pressure of recording!

Sing allows you to create a Singlist - a helpful playlist of songs you wish to sing. You can even attach different names to songs, making Sing the perfect way to host your next karaoke party in the comfort of your own home!

And it gets even better: If you have access to a second computer, you can use it to search for songs, edit your Singlist and keep the party moving - all while someone is singing and entertaining your guests! Hook up your PC to a TV for a full blown Karaoke Party Sing experience!

What Do You Want to Sing Today?

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Quick song choices

Here are some song choices from the Top section in case you just want to pick some songs and get singing!

Song Title Artist Options
Have You Ever Been Lonely (... duet top free Patsy Cline & Jim Reeves Sing
My Elusive Dreams duet top free Tammy Wynette & David Houston Sing
Feelings duet top free Conway Twitty Sing
Chances Are - Hope Floats duet top free Martina McBride & Bob Seger Sing
Amazed top free Lonestar Sing
If Tomorrow Never Comes top free Garth Brooks Sing
If I Had You top free Alabama Sing
Amarillo By Morning top free George Strait Sing
Silver Wings top free Merle Haggard Sing
Today I Started Loving You ... top free Merle Haggard Sing