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Song Title Artist Genre Year Clip / Sing
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Ay Vamos J. Balvin Latin Sing
Bobo J. Balvin Latin Sing
En Mi J. Balvin Latin Sing
Ginza J. Balvin Latin Sing
Tranquila J. Balvin Latin Sing
Yo Te Lo Dije J. Balvin Latin Sing
6 A.M duet J. Balvin & Farruko Latin Sing
Cola Song Inna & J. Balvin Latin Sing
Familiar sf Liam Payne & J. Balvin Pop 2018 Sing
Familiar zm duet Liam Payne & J. Balvin Pop 2018 Sing
Machika duet J. Balvin & Jeon & Anitta Latin Sing
Mi Gente duet J. Balvin & Willy William Latin 2017 Sing
Safari duet J. Balvin & Pharrell Williams & B... Latin Sing