Paul Weller Karaoke Songs

Here are the Paul Weller songs from our online karaoke song library that are available to sing and record. Free songs are flagged with a blue label in the search results below.

Song Title Artist Genre Year Clip / Sing
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Broken Stones 67 cs Paul Weller Rock 1995 Sing
Long Long Road Paul Weller Pop 2017 Sing
Porcelain Gods cs Paul Weller Alterna... 1995 Sing
Thinking Of You Paul Weller Rock Sing
Wild Wood 89 cs Paul Weller Rock 1993 Sing
Wings Of Speed 100 cs Paul Weller Alterna... 1995 Sing
You Do Something To Me 98 cs Paul Weller Sing
English Rose 89 cs Paul Weller (The Jam) Alterna... 1978 Sing