Mark Knopfler Karaoke Songs

Here are the Mark Knopfler songs from our online karaoke song library that are available to sing and record. Free songs are flagged with a blue label in the search results below.

Song Title Artist Genre Year Clip / Sing
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True Love Will Never Fade 100 cs Mark Knopfler Pop 2007 Sing
This Is Us 100 cs duet Mark Knopfler Emmylou Harris Country 2006 Sing
Storybook Love (In the Style of P... 100 cs Mark Knopfler Film/St... 1987 Sing
Sailing To Philadelphia 100 cs duet Mark Knopfler James Taylor Rock 2000 Sing
Rudiger 100 cs Mark Knopfler Sing
Poorboy Blues 33 cs Mark Knopfler & Chet Atkins Oldies Sing
our shangrila 100 cs Mark Knopfler Sing
if This Is Goodbye 100 cs duet Emmylou Harris and Mark Knopfler Country 2006 Sing
If This Is Goodbye 33 cs duet Emmylou Harris & Mark Knopfler tr... Country Sing
Fizzy And The Still cs Mark Knopfler- -(album-kill To Ge... Oldies Sing
FEEL LIKE GOING HOME 100 cs Tom Jones / Mark Knopfler Cover V... Blues 1996 Sing
Darling pretty 100 cs Mark Knopfler Sing
Cannibals 100 cs Mark Knopfler Rock 1996 Sing