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Song Title Artist Genre Year Clip / Sing
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↓ Added May 23, 2017 ↓
The Church In The Wildwood cs The Browns Oldies Sing
TOO MANY cs Debb Smith/ Ray Gathercole Country 2017 Sing
Toutes les garcons et les filles cs Françoise Hardy Interna... Sing
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↓ Added May 22, 2017 ↓
Alfonsina y El Mar cs Mercedes Sosa Interna... 1969 Sing
Babe, I'm Gonna Leave You 100 cs Led Zeppelin Rock 1969 Sing
Broken Wow cs Lara Fabian 2000 Sing
Cecilia 100 cs Simon and Garfunkel Alterna... 1970 Sing
Come Alive cs Jeremy Camp Gospel/... 2013 Sing
Come Blow Your Horn 100 cs Nelson Riddle Jazz/Bi... 1963 Sing
Country Girl (Shake It For Me) cs Luke Bryan Country Sing
Crazy Love 100 cs Van Morrison Blues Sing
Eye of the Needle cs Sia Sing
Footsteps cs Barry Mann Oldies Sing
Get Away cs Chvrches Sing
Gun cs Chvrches Sing
If you walked away cs duet David Pomeranz Pop Sing
Kärleksvisan (swedish) cs Sarah Dawn Finer Pop Sing
Like She's Not Yours cs The Bellamy Brothers Country Sing
Maybe I maybe you cs Scorpions Rock Sing
memories are so unkind cs Brian/brisi/ Holman Country 2017 Sing
Now is Not the Time cs Chvrches Sing
Poundcake cs Van Halen Rock 1991 Sing
Ready Or Not cs After 7 R&B/Soul 1989 Sing
Reggae Cowboy cs The Bellamy Brothers Country Sing
Tether cs Chvrches Sing
The Joker Went Wild 80 cs Bryan Hyland Pop Sing
Think Of You cs duet Chris Young ft Cassidy Pope Country 2015 Sing
When a blind man cries 100 cs Deep Purple Rock Sing
Your the one that I want 100 cs duet Grease Olivia Newton John & John ... Film/St... 1978 Sing
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↓ Added May 21, 2017 ↓
Back on the chain gang 50 cs The Pretenders Rock Sing
Backing Track 1 cs Backing Track Jazz/Bi... 2017 Sing
Black And White Town cs 3 Dog Night Pop Sing
Breathe cs The Prodigy Dance/E... Sing
Calling You 100 cs From Bagdad Cafe Film/St... Sing
Firestarter (Explicit) cs The Prodigy Dance/E... Sing
He's So shy 100 cs Pointer Sisters Pop Sing
Home Before Dark cs Neil Diamond Country Sing
Hotel California 100 cs Eagles Rock Sing
Hotline Bling cs Drake Rap/Hip... 2016 Sing
How Long Has It Been 100 cs Jim Reeves Gospel/... 1965 Sing
I'm Crying (Mother's Tears) 100 cs Grace Jones R&B/Soul Sing
Johnny Take Your Time cs Bobby Curtola Pop Sing
Let it all go cs Birdy & RHODES Alterna... 2016 Sing
Let me go cs duet Avril Lavigne & Chad Kroeger Pop Sing
Little Guy Called Joe cs Gerald Payne Country 1949 Sing
Makin' Believe 100 cs duet Kitty Wells Country Sing
Me falta todo (Merengue) cs Diveana Latin Sing
Meet Me On The Moon cs Phyllis Hyman R&B/Soul 1991 Sing
Nearly forgt my broken heart cs Chris Cornell Rock 2015 Sing
Night Changes cs One Direction Pop Sing