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Danny's Song

By angiesing7 54 in the Style of Anne Murray
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Even though we ain't got money I'm so in love with you honey......... :) I just love this song.....great lyrics! Love can sure get you through the ups and downs of life. Thanks so much for listening! :)

Don't Dream It's Over

By angiesing7 54 in the Style of Six Pence None The Richer
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Baby Blue

By angiesing7 54 in the Style of Badfinger
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Saw this on the feature and I know it is a gender bender but I do love this song! Maybe that is because "baby blue" is my favorite color! hehe Thanks so much for listening!

The Things We Do For Love

By angiesing7 54 in the Style of Amy Grant
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I'm feeling a bit stuffy still. I've had some allergy problems after our basement flooded and such. :( However....I have really really missed singing so....besides I have always loved this song and it is an Amy Grant song although I think 10cc did the original. Thanks for listening! :)

Between You And Me

By angiesing7 54 Featuring PowerofPresence 37 in the Style of Dc Talk
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I hope you don't mind that I joined you Kevin....this was just so amazing I had to. I am just back up here so accolades go to this very gifted singer....God gifted! If you haven't listened to him before please go and show him some appreciation. Thanks for listening and God bless!

Under The Milky Way

By angiesing7 54 in the Style of The Church
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What do you do when you can't sleep? Sing! Or count sheep....but I like the first choice better. ;) Love this song! Thanks for listening and sweet dreams! :)

If My Heart Had Wings

By angiesing7 54 in the Style of Faith Hill
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Best Of My Love

By angiesing7 54 in the Style of Brooks & Dunn
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I love this song! I wish they had more Eagles songs on here. This is such a wonderful rendition by Brooks and Dunn. Sounds so much like the original. Well anyway here is a female's take on it! ;) Thanks for listening! :)


By angiesing7 54 in the Style of Birdy
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Beautiful song. I love the melody in this. Been awhile since I have sung....feels good to get back to it! My throat is finally starting to feel better...been dealing with a swollen throat for awhile. Felt like I had something stuck in my throat but Benedryl and lots of sleep made it better.....but it sure is hard to sing with that feeling in your throat and the hoarseness that comes from it. Sorry for my cat shaking his collar in the song. (little stinker) lol He just loves to hang around me when I sing. Thanks for listening! :)

I Got My Baby

By angiesing7 54 in the Style of Faith Hill
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Love this song but it sure has a lot of lyrics to spit out! Wish I could of had better diction there. Oh one to sing! Thanks for listening! :)