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Mighty To Save

By angiesing7 31 in the Style of Laura Story
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I need to sing more for our Lord than I do and praise Him for the gift of music! This is such a wonderful song! Thanks for listening and God bless! :)

Could It Be I'm Falling In Love

By angiesing7 31 in the Style of Spinners
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Such a great song! I love singing this one! Had to improvise at the end....too many words to get in! lol Thanks for listening! :)


By angiesing7 31 in the Style of Jennifer Day
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Found this beautiful song on the feature this morning. I love the lyrics in this! Thanks so much for listening! :)

Got To Be Real

By angiesing7 31 in the Style of Cheryl Lynn
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This was just on a whim! I heard it today watching "Night at the Museum". They play it at the end of the movie. Pretty cute scene! I get a little bit silly during the long break in the middle. Had fun singing this one! Have a great night everyone and thanks for listening! :)

What A Fool Believes

By angiesing7 31 in the Style of The Doobie Brothers
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Love this song! Michael McDonald and Kenny Loggins wrote this....anything with them collaborating is great! There is another song I have asked SS to get that they wrote which is called "Heart to Heart". Another awesome song! Haven't seen it yet but I am still hoping! Thanks so much for listening! :)


By angiesing7 31 Featuring husbandcantsing +1 in the Style of Olivia Newton-John & Cliff Richard
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I Already Do

By angiesing7 31 in the Style of Chely Wright
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Thank you Dave (Dave66) so much for requesting this song! What a pretty one! I hope you like it! Thanks so much for listening! :)


By angiesing7 31 in the Style of Colbie Caillat
19 views 8 comments 5+
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I haven't sung this one in awhile! Such a cute song! :)

Since U Been Gone

By angiesing7 31 in the Style of Kelly Clarkson
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Been having a lot of computer problems so hopefully this recorded okay. :/ Great song and it really warms up the voice too! Thanks for listening! :)

Via Dolorosa

By angiesing7 31 in the Style of Sandi Patti
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Well tomorrow is Good Friday and since I will be traveling I decided to sing this today! Love this beautiful song especially this verse: But He chose to walk that road out of His love for you and me. Down the Via Dolorosa, all the way to Calvary. I am so very thankful for our Lord's Sacrifice and His Resurrection! Have a Happy Easter everyone and God's blessings! :D