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By angiesing7 37 1 in the Style of Faith Hill
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I love this song..... I don't love it when my kitty decides to snake himself across the carpet when I am singing....making his collar jingle. hmmm I think I will just have to remove his collar while I sing. Thanks for listening you night owls! (including myself) ;)

Only Love

By angiesing7 37 1 Featuring BryTunes 121 in the Style of Wynonna Judd
38 views 10 comments 5
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No Frontiers

By angiesing7 37 1 in the Style of The Corrs
5 views 2 comments 3
Audio Recorded

Such a pretty song! I wish I could hear the backup singers more. If someone would like to do the harmony to this it would be much appreciated! Thanks for listening! :)

Just Give Me A Reason

By angiesing7 37 1 Featuring Boerni 24 3 in the Style of Pink & Nate Ruess
19 views 2 comments 2
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Good Enough

By angiesing7 37 1 in the Style of Evanescence
14 views 6 comments 4
Audio Recorded

If there was any song that was a nemesis of mine it would be this one. I think this is harder to sing than any aria I have done! Amy Lee's voice is so amazing and I swear that only she can sing this! (Truth!) I have done so many takes but I am not complaining because the opening music is so beautifully haunting that I really didn't mind listening to it over and over. Not even close to a finished recording of this but it is a challenge and I like it. ;)

Bewitched, Bothered & Bewildered

By angiesing7 37 1 in the Style of Doris Day
15 views 10 comments 5+
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This is another great song to sing. I love these older songs! So relaxing and great to listen to in the night time! Thanks for listening and sweet dreams! :)

Fly Me To The Moon

By angiesing7 37 1 in the Style of Frank Sinatra
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I thought I would try singing some more jazz and big band songs! I love this song! Anything Sinatra is okay by me! All the time I am singing there is some strange animal of some sort singing himself! I think it is a bird or a frog. It so humid in here I had to leave the porch door open. Oh well! Decided to do this one on video despite my bad (humid) hair day! lol Thanks for listening! :)

Here's That Rainy Day

By angiesing7 37 1 in the Style of Jazz Hits
16 views 9 comments 4
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It has been such a rainy day that I thought that this would be a great song to sing. I remember this song being at a slower tempo though. I kind of made this my own and since it is jazz you can kind of be as free as you want. ;) Thanks for listening! :)

Lullabye (Goodnight My Angel)

By angiesing7 37 1 in the Style of Billy Joel
13 views 8 comments 5+
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After checking on my children....I thought they both look like little Angels sleeping. Then this song immediately came to mind. I should be sleeping myself but sometimes it is just good to stay up and sing. ;) Thanks for listening and goodnight SS! :)

You Don't Have To Say You Love Me

By angiesing7 37 1 in the Style of Dusty Springfield
20 views 7 comments 2
Audio Recorded

What a voice Dusty Springfield had! I have always admired her and I love her songs and have wanted to sing one of hers for awhile now. Thanks for listening! :)