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White Flag

By angiesing7 35 1 in the Style of Dido
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She's In Love With The Boy

By angiesing7 35 1 in the Style of Trisha Yearwood
16 views 7 comments 3
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From the feature.... This is such a great song! I think my son was making fun of me singing this though! I looked over and he was mouthing the words and making silly gestures at me! hehe :p Thanks for listening! :)


By angiesing7 35 1 in the Style of Wynonna Judd & Michael English
12 views 4 comments 2
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OPEN DUET! :D Please feel free to join me on this beautiful song! I was so happy that SS had this!

When You Say Nothing At All (No Backi...

By angiesing7 35 1 Featuring BryTunes 105 in the Style of Alison Krauss & Union Station
83 views 11 comments 5+
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Don't You Wanna Stay

By angiesing7 35 1 Featuring wrno504 46 2 in the Style of Jason Aldean & Kelly Clarkson
17 views 3 comments 1
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By angiesing7 35 1 in the Style of Alicia Keys
36 views 8 comments 5
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The surprises that come with recording sometimes! I just had to leave it in! I love my daughter and our cats! Love this song by Alicia Keys! Been awhile since I have sung one of hers! I hope everyone enjoys! Thanks for listening! :)

Please Mr. Please

By angiesing7 35 1 in the Style of Olivia Newton-John
12 views 5 comments 3
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This is such a lovely song and I wish I had put more energy into this but being as tired as I am that's all I can give at this point. Thanks so much for listening! :)

When I'm With You

By angiesing7 35 1 in the Style of Sheriff
18 views 4 comments 5
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This is so much better when a guy sings it. Please gentleman be my guest I will come listen to you if you do sing this is one of my favorites! I wanted to hit that last very high note but it's just too late to do that. lol I hope everyone enjoys...thanks so much for listening! :)

Sing Your Praise To The Lord

By angiesing7 35 1 in the Style of Amy Grant
16 views 7 comments 3
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I have not been to church in awhile because of my ankle so this is my way of praising the Lord by singing for Him! Love the opening to this song! I had a little audience with me called my children. ;) They were trying to make each other laugh while I was singing this. Hmmm...... Thanks so much for listening and God's blessings to everyone! :D


By angiesing7 35 1 in the Style of Heart
18 views 10 comments 5+
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Thought I would sing another song from Heart! This is one of my favorite ones....although it does a number on your voice! I am somewhat hoarse after this. Thanks for listening!