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Where I Stood

By Lunatiq 17 in the Style of Missy Higgins
14 views 2 comments
Audio Recorded

Bloody static.. oh well, naught to be done. </3

One Way Or Another

By Lunatiq 17 in the Style of Blondie
22 views 0 comments 1
Audio Recorded

Boredom, still don't have microphones sorted.. warmups.. going out soon so this is kind of pointless.. meh.


By Lunatiq 17 in the Style of Gavin Degraw
30 views 6 comments 2
Video Recorded

Wheee.. Okay.. so the mic kinda sucks and I don't know the dynamics with this one just yet but at this particular point in time I don't care. <3 I wanted to sing this, I'm finally feeling more like me, over the infection, through the depression and back on my feet. <3 Much love to those who tried to show support, despite the tfact that I wanted naught to do with it

Back To Black

By Lunatiq 17 in the Style of Amy Winehouse
17 views 0 comments 3
Audio Recorded

Alright.. not the best, playing with microphones until I can get a computer running that is compatible with the snowball. <3 Bear with me folks, its gonna be an interesting few weeks.

Let's Do It

By Lunatiq 17 in the Style of Alanis Morissette
11 views 0 comments
Audio Recorded

I. Hate. My. Mic.

The Man Who Sold The World

By Lunatiq 17 in the Style of David Bowie
8 views 0 comments 1
Video Recorded

</3 Miss you forever. 10/05/85 - 10/03/99

Warwick Avenue

By Lunatiq 17 in the Style of Duffy
18 views 2 comments 1
Audio Recorded

Lil' dedication perhaps. If you get the inkling it's about you -- it probably is. There's a few. <3

He Lives In You

By Lunatiq 17 in the Style of Prideland (Disney)
76 views 2 comments 3
Audio Recorded

Never forget.

On My Own

By Lunatiq 17 in the Style of Les Miserables (Broadway Version)
26 views 2 comments 4
Audio Recorded

Really trying to polish my sound.. gold soon.. ugh.. can't wait.

The Great Pretender

By Lunatiq 17 in the Style of The Platters
35 views 1 comment 3
Audio Recorded


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